Saturday, June 16, 2018

Peony- 2018

All different kinds of Peony. They are my youngest daughter's favorite flower. I love them but they are unfortunately short lived. 

Iris- 2018

My Japanese Irises and other types of irises this year.

Garden 2018 Spring

I've been especially looking forward to this spring's blooms. Most of the flowers were transplanted from our old home, only a few were purchased new. I really wasn't sure how they would do. But the results were pretty good even though there were fewer flowers! And some were quite good because the soil here is a bit sandier (we are near the Delaware River bank) and good for certain plants. You'll see my peonies and irises in the next two posts. Next year there may be even more flowers!
Mountain Laurel

Honey suckle
Many kinds of Hoata

New addition Hosta

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Three Arrangements: Basic and Free Style

We had three lessons in Hata Sensei's class on 5/21/2018.
1) Slanting Style Moribana: My materials are all pink color. Weigela branches and mum in a ceramic suipan. We are still practicing the basic style.( In book 2-12)
2) Intertwining Plant Materials: Book 3-16.
 Siberian dogwood branch and kiwi vine were intertwined, added Hydrangea and hosta. The twist designed ceramic tall vase matches my arrangement.
My arrangement

By classmate
By classmate

3) Suiban Without Kenzan: Book 5-8
Three Pieris Japonica branches and one weigela
Azalea and Gerbera Daisy by Hata Sensei

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Best Mother's Day Gift

Guess what was my best Mother's Day gift this year? It was when my youngest daughter handed me a card. The last sentence said "Peter and I can't wait to tell you that I am pregnant." I threw the card in the air, crying out and jumping up and down. Joyfully surprised! After all those years, she has been too busy and devoted to her brand new high school in New York City. It has been into the fifth year now, and the Queens High School for Language Study (QHSLS) has established a good reputation and recognized as excellent public high school. We are so proud of her! She is always busy with her school as principal, no time to think about starting a family until the school is functioning well. This summer will be the second graduation! Now, we all in the family are full of joy and blessing.
The new addition of our family member will be our fifth grandchild!

Below were the flowers she brought home for me for the mother's day. l used a portion of them for this arrangement. (5/13/2018 Mother's Day)

Saturday, May 12, 2018

April and May Orchids Bloom

These three pictures I showed here, just in time for me to bring to the Buxmont Study Group class for my power point presentation (5/9/2018). Same title as last time "Growing Orchids at Home - My Experience". Only at the end, I showed some Ikebana arrangements using orchids from my previous post.
Cattleyas (5/12 faded)

Cattleyas alliance " April blossom ". long lasting bloomer

Oncidium (faded 5/11/2018)

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Double Petal Tulip and Miniature Daffodil

Because we have a fenced back yard in our home now, I don't have to worry about deer eating up my Tulips, I was told that Tulip is candy to a deer. That's why I have never planted any tulips in my old house garden. Daffodils are OK, deer never like to touch them.
I planted tulip bulbs last Fall, they are double petals, big and showy like a peony. I think the common tulips are more graceful and cute. Miniature daffodils are also double petals, I transferred them from my old house. They are slim and pretty, both are good for cut flowers.    


Friday, April 20, 2018

Decorating at Shofoso Japanese House and Garden

The crazy weather for the last couple of weeks has been stabilizing and feeling warmer. The Shofoso Japanese House and Garden opens to the public beginning in the month of April. The Ikebana International (I.I.) Philadelphia chapter has been in charge and responsible for the Ikebana decoration for the house's particular location for years. For the third weekend of April, three of us from Buxmont study group were assigned to decorate Ikebana arrangements for the location of the main tatami room, entrance, tea room and kitchen. (4/20/2014)
Main tatami room, by me

kitchen area by Monica, should be viewed all around
Tea room, by Betty and me
Entrance by Betty

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Make a Basket and Arrange in It

This month in Hata Sensei's class, we spent the morning hours making a basket. Everyone in the class shared the expense for the basket materials. We just needed to bring some sort of container and plant materials that fit in our basket for an arrangement. In the afternoon, everyone made an arrangement in our own created basket.
I sorely regret that there was no time to take pictures of the other classmates' baskets, so I could show you how wonderful everyone did with their own basket arrangement. (4/16/2018) 
my creation, I left the empty area unweaved     

Japaneses Quince, pine and demdrobium (in class)
Japanese quince, azalea, daffodil and green (at home)

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Spring Arrangements

Finally! Spring is in the air! You can spot the Daffodil and Forsythia almost every where. I would like to use them in my arrangements at this time. (4/10/2018)
Daffodil flower and leaves, azalea and magnolia branch/ceramic 

Horizontal style (4/10/2018 class)

Forsythia, daffodil, statice and green / ceramic