Sunday, July 21, 2019

TAC / EC - Ikebana Exhibition -3 0f 3

Sogetsu BuxMount Study Group was invited once again to have Ikebana display. Beside, we provided a demonstration and workshop program.

"Sunrise" by Me, Lynn J. Lee

"The joy of Creation" Demo by Me, Lynn J. Lee
"Memory Lane" by Doris Liu

"Recycle Bin" Demo by Chih Huang

"Twists and Turns" by Pat Lee

"Aloha" by Doris Liu
"Growing Upward"Demo by Mary
"Catch Me,If You Can" by Chih Huang

"Happy Summer" by Hiroko Griffin

"Tea Party" by Li Deng

"Lean on Me" by June Wu
"Summer Time" by Michelle Lu

"Tea Time" by Ann Tran
"Tropical Sunshine" by Pat Lee

TAC / EC - Stage Decoration for Music Concert, Demonstration and Workshop - 2of 3

Besides all kinds of programs like political, cultural, sports, art and music, etc. suitable for everyone's interest, the ikebana exhibition attracted a lot of people.
The music concert was outstanding! They were a group of professional musicians. It was a night truly to remember.
My stage decoration was admired by many people! I even brought my own Irish Harp to be part of the design, and with Doris's big help (she provided five bamboos), it turned out really beautiful!  
Stage decoration for music concert, designed by me and Doris

Changed Harp to a Taiwanese farmer for next day
 My demon "The Joy of Creation" glass vase wrap by wood place mat

"The Joy of Creation"
Ikebana workshop by Chih Haung

Taiwanese American Conferance / East Coast ( TAC / EC ) 1 of 3

The TAC / EC Summer camp this year is the 50th anniversary. The first generation like us are gradually passing down the mission to our second generation. We were so pleased to see more and more younger people- Taiwanese American Next Generation (TANG) and their kids joined the TAC Summer camp, including my four grandchildren (they were first time campers). Together, we had 700 people gathering at West Chester University PA from 7/4 to 7/7/2019. Also, to celebrate Independence Day at the same time.

The theme of this year is "Taiwan is in my DNA."  In a way,  this helped the Taiwanese American community to recognize the concept of our identity. Where we originally came from.

Talking about Taiwanese DNA, the below diagrams illustrated 3 original animals, Formosan Blue Magpie, Leopard Cat, Formosan black bear and one plant, Formosan Moth Orchid, these are animals and plants exclusively found in Taiwan, or called, Formosa Island.(臺灣原生種)

Program booklet cover designed by high school student
Stage decoration by BuxMount study group team
Taiwanese puppet show at "Taiwan Night"

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Combining Old and New : Ikebana Arrangements

"Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging. This exhibit features arrangements in the sogetsu style by Mrs. Hata and her students from the Main Line Sogetsu Study group (Philadelphia) as well as selected Wasetsu students (NYC) representing all levels to show basic to advanced creations. The theme, "Combining Old and New", is inspired using unique pieces from the Mundy Asia Gallery with materials sourced from the beautiful Berkshires (MA)".
Demonstration by Judith Setsuko Hata Sensei, our teacher, 6/22/2019, 1 PM
The exhibition was free and open to the public, from 6/21 to 6/23/2019.
The arrangements below were Hata Sensei's demonstration pieces

Combining Old and New

Great Barrington, Berkshires, MA. is a small beautiful town. The Norman Rockwell Museum and Tanglewood campus are just few minutes away.
Most of our Main Line study group members went to Great Barrington, MA. to exhibit and watch our teacher's demonstration. We didn't have to bring our containers, we were asked to use the store's collections of Japanese baskets or ceramic vases, which most are antiques. All the arrangements displayed on certain spots surrounded by art objects of Japanese scenery!

I want to express my appreciation and am so grateful to have this rare opportunity along with our teacher and classmates to make Ikebana arrangements in such unique place, we saw many valuable Japanese antiques, and went sightseeing in the beautiful countryside of New England.

Sensei's arrangement in front of the entrance of Mundy's galleries

side view
member's arrangement
My arrangement using basket ( peony, azalea, aster and twig)