Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Free Style Arrangement

Free style yet basic variation. All the materials were picked from my garden. There are the Crape myrtle branch, peony and lantern rose / ceramic vase     
Hydrangea branch, peony and lantern rose. drift wood added beside the ceramic container.
Without knowing what kind of materials we were going to use. Every one in the class must complete the arrangement within 25 minutes. Surprised! The materials were one hosta leave and one lily stem. They were provided by teacher.   
The beautiful and fragrant flowering branch (I don't know its name) and azalea with bamboo basket.  

Saturday, May 27, 2017

March, April and May Orchid Blooms

It is a pity that my orchids have fewer blooms these months compared to previous years. I was so busy with other things that I forgot to water them. It might be that they dried out for too long. They really need your attention and care.
Now all my orchids are outside in a shady place, so I will let Mother Nature take care of them.  Hopefully, the weather will cooperate.
Cattleya, compact plant

Onc. Mtdm. Issaku Nagata



My lady slipper orchid (Pinocchio) has been
blooming since last July.

Two Oncidium orchids are waiting for bloom

Friday, May 19, 2017

Arrangement Using "Found Object"

This month, we are continuing our studies of the basic style with the lessons: Variation #3 Upright Style Moribana (1st lesson) and Nageire (2nd lesson). The third lesson is a freestyle arrangement using "Found Objects," anything we can find to create an Ikebana.
For example, Hata Sensei used a plastic egg carton to create a beautiful arrangement for her demonstration(first picture).

Hata sensei's other demo arrangement
My arrangement using a piece of plastic fence

Classmate's arrangement
classmate's arrangement

My granddaughter made these paper flowers.
Basic Style Variation #3 Moribana

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The 11th World Ikebana International - Okinawa Convention Center

Okinawa is a prefecture of Japan, consisting of many islands. Before Japan annexed the Okinawa islands in 1879, it was a island nation, a kingdom called Ryukyu Kingdom with it palace structure very similar to China. Ryukyu kingdom paid tribute to China for several hundred years until Japan's annexation. The island endured the most severe fighting during WWII, before US invaded Japan.
My husband and I took a short trip to Taiwan after the convention to visit our relatives and friends. The trip from Okinawa to Taiwan only took an hour and half, which is much closer than Tokyo to Taiwan.
Convention Center site at the Ginowan Harbour.

Ginowan Harbor with small park

Fishing boats in harbor

Small park in harbor viewed from hotel balcony
Harbor viewed from hotel room

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Okinawa Convention (3) - Member's Arrangements

There were so many beautiful, unique, big and small, simple and complex arrangements displayed in this World Ikebana International Convention. Here are just few of them: