Thursday, August 31, 2017

August Orchids Bloom

 Usually I have the least blooming orchids during the Summer time. Here are my three orchids:
1) Dendrobium miniature
     I received it as a favor at our year end BCOS pot luck dinner party this year (6/20/2017). It has been blooming for almost three months.
2) Encyclia, Green Hornet
     It starts to bloom at early Summer until now! last very long time and easy to grow. I divided it many times and gave away to my friends.
3) Encyclia, E.Mariae
     This one I also received as a favor couple years ago. It has been blooming faithfully ever since.

Monday, August 28, 2017

My Garden and Feather Friends

This Summer, we hired a "season nursery" landscaper to plant four trees- Weeping Cheery, Dogwood, Crap apple and Japanese Maple in our front yard. Plus he added seven Azaleas, rearranged and grouped cornflowers, and other existing plants. Our front garden appears complete for now.
The cornflowers had been attracting a lot of butterflies (monarch and Canadian tiger swallowtails), now the flowers are fading away, many yellow finches have been flying back and forth to pick up the seed pods. It is fun to watch and always makes me smile! 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

TAC/EC - Ikebana Exhibition (3)

This is my last TAC/EC post. Here are my arrangement and demo piece. For the other members' arrangements, you may check the complete file edited by Chih Huang: "Sogetsu BuxMont Study Group". It's well done and gorgeous! Thank you, Chih!
Title: Togetherness"

Different view

"Love Connection"

Monday, July 10, 2017

TAC/EC 2017: "Generations United, Taiwanese Americans Together" (2)

Once upon a time, my husband and I would take our three children--two teenagers and a toddler--to a college campus over July 4th weekend to attend the annual Taiwanese American Conference East Coast (TAC/ EC).
This year was the 48th year anniversary, and it's changed so much. Three decades ago, it was mainly first generation Taiwanese Americans who brought their children to attend. Since then, participation decreased, and for many years we didn't attend, particularly when our kids were busy starting their careers and families. But recently, more people have been returning because the second generation is grown now and they are bringing their kids! Grandparents, who were the originals, their children, and their children's children are now involved. The program has been handed to the second generation to organize (through TANG: Taiwanese American Next Generation), and we the older generation are supporting and helping. The theme of this year was "Generations United, Taiwanese Americans Together." When we were the parents, we brought our young kids to this occasion to learn about our root, culture and identity and also to have a great time. Now, we watch our own kids doing the same for theirs. How lovely to see our heritage passing down to next generation as we hope!.
The conference ran from 7/2 to 7/4/2017. Our Sogetsu BuxMont study group was asked to provide an Ikebana Exhibition. It was one of the many event's programs, others were cultural, political...etc. There were many speakers, young and old, from homeland Taiwan and US.
Here was the Classical Music Concert Night. The stage's big arrangement was designed and arranged  by Chih and me.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Preparing for TAC/EC Conference Ikebana Exhibition (1)

 When our Sogetsu Ikebana study group was asked to provide a program about Ikebana in the 2017 Taiwanese American Conference/ East Coast (TAC/EC), it was short notice.  We had to prepare the whole thing, such as the stage decoration, poster, member's demonstration and exhibition. June was a busy month for preparation. We had 16 study group members participate in the exhibition and 4 members to do the Ikebana demonstration. My job was to design a poster, help decorate the stage for the music concert, providing one arrangement and a demonstration. All of these had to be done and ready for July 1.
1) Here is my first try for the exhibition piece, using a tall ceramic container and dried vine and leaves. The seasonal materials are mock orange flower and magnolia leaves. I fully understand the flower might not be available by then. So, I plan to change other flowers when the time comes. 
2) For my demonstration, I am thinking about using my two bamboo containers combined and arranged as one arrangement., but it will be using different flowers.  For now, I am using Hydrangea, knowing that it will change.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Flower Plants Transplanted from the Old House

We have moved into our new home for more than six months now. During the long moving process, we gradually transplanted our beloved perennial plants to our new home's temporary garden place, adding to the existing flowers here. This Spring and Summer all the plants survived and are flowering. I am delighted!    
Helenium " Mardi gras "

New perennial, I planted last year

Japanese Iris at back yard corner garden

Common Peony, tree Peony is not flower this year
Some Daisy transplanted last year from old house

 Iris from former owner
Iris from former owner
 Transplanted Iris
Transplanted Clementis
close up view, former owner's
Philadelphus "Lemoinei"
Stokers' aster transplanted
Close up view

Saturday, July 1, 2017

July 4th Celebration Arrangement

Silver painted Allium as fire works, red lily, white daisy, blue Hydrangea and red net to soften the wire mesh. All these materials carefully arranged together in the rectangular ceramic container. Let's celebrate our National Holiday!   

Sunday, June 25, 2017

June Class and Pot Luck Lunch

We've done a lot of practicing and relearning basic styles of arrangement this year. Lessons for June were FREE style. Anything you would like to create. After we finished two arrangements in the morning then we had pot luck lunch to end our yearly class with Hata Sensei. July and August are our Summer break. 
Lesson 1: Cross bar Fixture (Jumonji-dome)
Material: Snapdragon, Solomon seal, Philadeldrum and kiwi vine
Ceramic container with cross bar inside to hold materials.
Lesson 2: Free Style with new or challenging container
Material: Bittersweet vine," Lemoinei" mock orange. St. John wort and caladium
Container: One tall bamboo basket and the other round one made from bamboo too. They are my new containers. I thought it would be prettier to put them together as a whole arrangement.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

June Orchid Blooms and BCOS Awards Program

Tonight, June 21 was the final BCOS meeting before Summer break. We had a pot luck dinner along with our annual awards ceremony. I brought two Oncidium orchids to the show table. One of our members who is green house grower, her Sherry Baby oncidium had so many stems with hundreds of flowers. It is a big plant and so amazingly beautiful (the 3rd picture below). This year I missed monthly meetings so many times therefore I didn't expect to get any awards.
After dinner, every one got a flowering orchid to bring home as a party favor.
My sherry Baby Oncidium
My Oncidium "Pacific Panache"
A member's Sherry Baby oncidium
Part of Show table
Party favor, Dendrobium (miniature)