Friday, February 9, 2018

Bamboo Installation and Bamboo Art at Metropolitan Museum

Hata Sensei mentioned several months ago that the Metropolitan Museum was having an exhibit and installation of bamboo art. The exhibit would also feature an arrangement by Hata Sensei in one of the baskets being shown. The last weekend of January, my husband and I were able to make the trip to the museum with our daughter who lives in Brooklyn. The artistry using bamboo was magnificent. We saw many unique and skillfully woven baskets made by Japanese that were close to 100 years old as well as many modern pieces. They were unbelievably beautiful.

Main hall

Arrangement by Hata Sensei

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

MWGC Gala Center Piece

On January 25th, our Martha Washington Garden Club ( MWGC) held an annual Gala Lunch and Presentation. This was our club's major fund raising event. The theme was "Flowers for All Seasons". I was asked to make a big center piece in the hall way. There were more than 140 people attending (double our members' number). We had 17 round tables, so 17 members were asked to volunteer to design the center piece of each table with a different theme of their own idea.
My arrangement, Tulip, Dendrobium, pine and others / ceramic containers
Floral Designer Deborah Moyer, She is our club member.

One of her demo piece ( not complete )
Plenty vegetables and flowers arrangement (big harvest)

Member's table design, July 4th theme

Thanksgiving or Fall design
Spring color
Mardi Gras
April Shower
September school start
 Summer start

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Manipulating Leaves Arrangement

After we watched Hata Sensei's demonstration for manipulating leaves, we then had our opportunity to try our hand at them. We brought our container and any tools like scissors, wire cutter, staple and scotch tape for manipulating the leaves. A class member has ordered variegated hala and ti leaves as well as anthurium for everyone in the class. We practiced the techniques that we have just learned and arranged them. (1/15/2018 Hata Sensei's class)
The first picture is my arrangement. The other three are classmates' arrangement.


Lesson 3: Variation #4 Upright style Nageire

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Winter Orchids

Today is the last day of 2017. The coldest New Year's Eve in this half century! The temperature has been around 10-20 degrees F for a week.  It's going to be a frigid, brutal, cold and single digit New Year's Eve. I am worried about the people gathering in Times Square in NYC, waiting for the crystal ball to drop, and singing Auld Lang Syne, saying good bye to 2017 and cheering for 2018. They might freeze in this kind of cold!
Well, these orchids will help to warm our hearts and lift up our spirits in these cold days. They are still blooming. The purple and white cattleyas (first and second pictures below) are producing a nice fragrance in the air.  So pleasant!

Cattleya,  "Rome Holiday"  picture taken from October
I didn't expect this miniature dendrobium bloom again

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Sidney, the Dog

My husband and I have been taking care of my daughter Melanie's dog for three weeks because she and her husband flew to Sri Lanka to attend her good friend's wedding. The dog Sidney, a Havanese, is small, friendly and very cute. He does not like cold weather and likes to chase squirrels.

Over the holidays, my grandchildren visited. They love playing with Sidney and tried to help take care of  him. On the day before Christmas, my two grandchildren took Sidney for a walk, and soon after they reached the street out front, they rushed home, terrified and crying, saying a big dog was attacking Sidney and that he's dying!! I stormed out with my pajamas on, picked up a stick on the ground, and tried to scare the big dog away. The dog had Sidney in his jaws and Sidney was so still, we did think he was dead. But with me waving the stick at the dog, he finally let go and Sidney sprang to his feet. My daughter, Vivian, who also ran after me to help, scooped up Sidney from the ground then carried him home.

Sidney was so frightened, and he seemed hurt. My husband and son-in-law brought Sidney to the Animal Hospital to get evaluated. For the most part, everything was all right. Sidney had a puncture wound under his jaw and some superficial wounds on his ear and body. He was wearing a vest for warmth, and that might have saved him. For two days, he just wanted someone to hold him all the time. I think he was in traumatic shock!

For the next few days, Sidney limped with his front leg. My husband fed him antibiotics and pain killers. It took about a week, but Sidney is back to normal and jumping around.  He seems totally fine. We told Melanie the whole story when they arrived back from Sri Lanka because we didn't want to worry them during their vacation.

When Melanie and Peter came home to bring Sidney back to NYC, the three of them were so excited and happy! Especially Sidney. I just wonder...does he remember what happened during this episode!?

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Happy New Year

Wishing you all have a happy holiday season and a peace, healthy, wonderful 2018 New Year!
Two arrangements shown here for New Year celebration! 
Picture 1- Hata Sensei's demo, using bamboo, pine, nandina, carnation, lily and mum / hand made wood container.
Picture 2 - My arrangement, the Materials, please check previous post. (12/18/2017 class) 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

In Hata Sensei's class this month, we celebrate Eastern New Year and Western holiday traditions in our arrangements. So, we only need to arrange two holiday celebration arrangements in the morning, followed by a year end pot luck luncheon. For Christmas, traditionally use color red, green and white. For the New Year, we need to use Japanese traditional materials like pine, bamboo, chrysanthemum, red berries, lily, nandina and any budded branch... The mizuhiki (Japanese paper string, for celebration) can be use for both design. Sensei said using mizuhiki in Western arrangement can be striking and modern looking.
Poinsettia, treated baby's breath, holy and spread painted azalea / metal container
Pine, nandina, mum, winter berry, spread painted azalea branch
 and budded lilac branch with mizuhiki / ceramic container

Winter berry, mum, pine and branch with mizuhiki / ceramic container

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Holy Night and Silent Night

Ikebana class for this month is all about holiday design. Christmas is just around the corner. For my Christmas celebration arrangement, I choose my metal crescent moon shaped container to arrange a "Mass Expression". That will be the " Holy Night". The other one, I used a Japanese lacquer salad bowl for another holiday arrangement. It will be " Silent Night". (12/12/2017 MeiiHuey Sensei's class)
Holy, Nandina, Carnation, berry, ornament and pine corn
Bitter sweet, mum, rose and green.Water is silently shown