Sunday, January 27, 2019

Janunary Ikebana Class

Monday, 1/21/2019, was the coldest day in 25 years in our area. The temperature was in the teens. All day long, the windchill was below zero F.  The night before we were not sure that we were going to have class or not.  It depended on Hata Sensei's decision. Finally, we were told that Sensei's daughter would drive her to the class (three hours drive from NYC to Haverford PA). I was so happy to see ten brave students (Sensei has more than 20 students) show up in the class!
Three lessons:
1) Composition Using Unconventional Material- Book 5
2) Variation #8 Combined Styles Moribana and Moribana
3) Massed Expression
1) Wire mesh structure, ornamental ball

2) My arrangement, Combined Style Moribana and Moribana

3) Hata Sensei's demo arrangement
3) Sensei's suggestion added two mums for my Mass Expression
3) My arrangement without mums

3) Sara's arrangement

Monday, January 21, 2019

Demostration and Workshop at Taiwanese Grace Presbyterian Church

Here are my two arrangements for the Women Fellowship Program at the Grace Taiwanese Presbyterian Church. The first picture is my demo piece, in a traditional yet basic style. The second picture shows simple lines in a small container. The third picture is a demonstration by Chih (church member and BuxMont study group member) to show the three main stems--Shin, Soe and Hikae basic style. There were 15 women who attended the workshop. (1/19/2019)
PS: To be a demonstrator and conduct workshops, you must be a certified teacher.  

Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year and Smooth Sailing through 2019

I am so glad to be back after missing classes in October and November.
For this year's New Year celebration arrangement, I made 2 arrangements for both study groups. After Hata Sensei's class, we had a nice holiday potluck lunch to say good by to the 2018 session. We will see everyone again in 2019!  Hope everyone has a nice holiday and stays healthy.

Pine, Mum, Nandina, Lily, Lichen covered branch
and Mizuhiki/pottery container (Main Line study group)

Winterberry, Nandina, Mum, Pine and Mizuhiki /ceramic (Bux-Mont study class)

Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas - Three Arrangements

Merry Christmas and joyous holidays to every one!
Here are my Christmas holiday arrangements at home and in class.
I belong to two Sogetsu study groups: Main Line Study Group, led by Hata Sensei, and the Buxmont Study group, led by Meei-Huey Sensei, which was formed three years ago.
Hata Sensei's group is more challenging for me, because Meei-Huey Sensei and Midore Sensei are also in the group. Meei-Huey Sensei has been my teacher for 10 years. I appreciate that she taught me to build up my solid basic foundation for which I am very grateful! 
Holy branch, Poinsettia, baby breath / crystal vase with ornament ball inside

My arrangement in Hata Sensei's class: painted allum and painted branch
Meei-Huey Sensei's class. 

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Orchids for December Bloom

Actually, I have only two blooming orchids this month. One is perfect Cattleya, another one is deformed Oncidium.    
Cat. Purple "Start Bright". Compact plant, very cute

Full bloom in one week, long lasting orchid
Deformed Onc. Sherry baby "sweet fragrant"

Bucks County Orchid Society
I bought this oncidium orchid
Young Japanese maple in a gorgeous orange color

Peak fall, beautiful colors along the high way (11/3/2018)

Friday, November 30, 2018

Horizontal Composition

I have not been writing my blog for two months since I returned home from Taiwan. I got sick and suffered severe nerve pain from Shingles (in my left upper leg). It will take a long time to be completely recovered. As of now, my nerve pain has gradually been getting better. I finally am able to update my missing articles. This "Horizontal Style" arrangement was one of November's class assignments. I arranged it at home using bittersweet, mum and hosta with a ceramic container.

Arrangement Using Midollino (paper string)

I made this midollino structure last September, and I used it in my arrangement with Spray mum from my garden, hydrangeas, plus a Ceriman. The container is metal and crescent moon shaped with a stand.   

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Traveling Around Taiwan's Hakka Culture Centers

I am back from Taiwan, but still very tired. These two weeks from October 13th to the 26th, I was away in Taiwan with my husband, plus three hundred more people from all over the world, for two Hakka conventions.  We visited the country's Hakka cultural centers, gardens, villages, parks and temples. We traveled all over the island to many places that we've never visited before. A minority group in Taiwan, the Hakka people have a unique culture and have worked to preserve its heritage and traditions. The Hakka language is now considered a national language of Taiwan and is taught in schools.

hand craft oil paper umbrella
Female Hakka outfit in olden times

Hand made crafts using Hakka fabric

Hakka Lanterns

Hakka women wore costumes to welcome all of us

Hakka children singing Hakka songs

Washington, DC Hakka chorus team competes with other teams

Hundred of years old majesty residence of Hakka officer

The old temple in my home town

The Flowering Tree of Hakka Symbol - Vernicia Fordii

The first three pictures are taken from a book.  They are symbols of a Hakka flowering tree. They bloom around April to May in a Hakka town in Taiwan. The falling petals are called "May Snow".
Vernicia Fordii (oil tung tree)

Blooming in the mountain and road side

May Snow

Park near the Hakka culture center, same as below three photos

we saw a lot of these flowering trees along the road side

Cosmos in the field just starting to bloom

Cycling around the rice field
Bicycle kites