Friday, July 29, 2011

Free Style-Anything Goes

Perennial sunflowers and Spider plants
I just wanted to make an arrangement using any kind of flowers from my garden. Here are my choices as shown above and the top picture is my finished arrangement. I realized that the spider plant's stem was not tall enough. (7/29/2010)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Granddaughter's Ikebana

Jordan asked her mother once, "What does Ikebana mean?"
"You ask A-Po [grandma in Hakka], she will tell you," her mother said.
I said to her, "Ikebana is the Japanese style of flower arrangement that A-Po is still learning now."
I showed her some of my work. Jordan and Devin stayed with me last week because their parents (my son and daughter in law) went to Italy for their ten year anniversary vacation. So Jordan wanted to play Ikebana with me. She went to the garden to pick some flowers and then drew some pictures. Then she arranged the flowers using two glasses. After that she held my hand to go to the sun room and she said "SURPRISE! These are my Ikebana, A-Po."
"It's so beautiful, Jordan!" I said. Indeed, it's so cute and beautiful! I was so moved and delighted.
She is just six years old! (7/28/2011)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You in Ikebana

After I finished four text books, it's so much easier now for me to do a free style arrangement, and I feel more pleasure and confidence making ikebana flower arrangements with any kind of plant materials. I can freely express my feelings through plants. Although I know I still have a long way to pursue "My Ikebana."
The green branches and two pieces of wood were found from my wooded area and the hydrangea was from my garden. (7/21/2011)
The right picture was arranged by 9/10/2011 for the church's mini exhibition.

With Leaves Only

I have done this "Leaves Only" arrangement in the past, but my teacher wanted us to arrange it in a more artistic or more abstract way this time. She likes to push us one more step to a higher level. I always have a tendency to arrange ikebana more traditionally. I found it so hard to arrange the "leaves only" this time. I am not sure that I achieved it?
The philodendron selloum was still not tall enough, but coral bell leaves match the vase very well. (7/21/2011)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My daughter's wedding flowers

Bigger flower arrangement at a big window where seating cards were displayed. (July 3rd was my daughter's big day)

Reception room corner table and lady's room arrangement.

Bridal bouquet: Cattleya, Peony, ranunculus, dendrobium and sweet pea. It's so lovely!

The hand made wooden cake toppers were a gift from an artist friend. Cattleya and dendrobium orchids were simply decorated on cake.
Right side: A small ikebana arrangement from my daughter's bridal bouquet. 7/5/2011

Bridesmaids and flower girl (my two granddaughters) bouquets.

Table center piece
Phalaenopsis and different succulents. Guests could take them home. (7/3/2011)