Thursday, April 8, 2010

New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show

Grand entrance to the orchid show

Finally, I got the chance to go N.Y.C Botanical Garden's orchid show with my daughter during her spring break (she is a high school teacher in Manhattan). It was a gorgeous spring day, and the B.G. is very impressive. The orchid show was much bigger than Longwood garden's orchid show. The pictures I took are only a small part of the show, and there are thousand of beautiful orchids exhibited at the B.G. (did you know there are 25,000 to 30,000 orchid species in the whole wide world?). I think I've inherited my late father's passion for orchids. I started to grow my own as a hobbyist more than 15 years ago, and in a way, I do it to remember my beloved father. Beside that I am always fascinating by their unique and characteristic nature. Once you enter the orchid world, there is no return!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keeping in mind the view from below

This arrangement should keep in mind that it must be viewed from below, just above eye-level. I found a small wild rose bush in the wooded area near my house. I cut the whole bush out and carefully trimmed the branches. I reserved one particular branch that was hanging down, then I added two philodendron selloum, yellow and white daffodils, and last, I put one white hyacinth close to the container's rim so that the view from below can be focused there. My teacher loved it. At home, I put it on a high pedestal.

Side view (4/6/10)

Upright Style Moribana Variation No.3

Shin 15 degrees, Soe 45 degrees, Hikae 75 degrees (in the center).
Spring is here! When you take a walk outside, everything is alive again, so fresh and beautiful. My ikebana arrangement this time also shows Spring colors. It makes me feel happy and thankful. Japanese Quince and pear blossoms are used here for my arrangement. (4/6/10)