Saturday, September 28, 2013

Free Style - Using Left Over Materials

These materials were raffle prizes that I got yesterday. I used some of them for my arrangement today. There is one calla lily, three stems of lily and some greenery. Coincidentally, when I placed the arrangement under the opera poster, they matched so well together. (9/27/2013)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Ikebana International (I.I.) Philadelphia Chapter 71 Meeting

I.I. Annual meeting held on 9/26/2013. The program included Brunch and Demonstration. Ichiyo Master Anna Nakada demonstrated both bold architectural arrangement and small classic arrangement. At the end all the materials were raffled out, almost everybody got some to bring home.
Ichiyo school emphasized Ikebana arrangement without using kenzan. Here are some demo. arrangement pictures. (9/26/2013)

Table center piece

Monday, September 23, 2013

Japanese Tokonoma (Alcove) arrangement

This is my small Ikebana arrangement. I placed it at the Tokonama of my Japanese room. It is a very quiet place for meditation and a good place to display my Ikebana too.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

BCOS Meeting and Pottng Party

BCOS meeting resumed tonight (9/19). We had a potting party; I brought three very young orchid plants home (buy two get one free). They need patience and tender loving care. Hopefully, in three years they will mature and start to bloom.
Below are my orchids for a show table in September:
Onc. Mendenhall " Hildos"
After skipped a year. I am so thrilled to see it's blooming again. Big and beautiful!

C. Compact plant , small flowers. Fragrant in the morning

Pot. Mysteve  Natsumi
The bugs had been eating one of the flower, before I brought
it inside the house.

Oyia. Benice Foster. Richard Mueller x B. Cordata
"Lady of the night". Fragrant at night
I gave away two of divisions to my friends.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Free Style

When I found the branch on the ground, a person told me it just broke down from the dead tree minutes ago. I picked it up, all smiles and happy! Thinking that I can use this branch with my new big vase (14"x 12.5") and the huge Cockscomb flower, which I got from my friend's garden, I put them together to create a simple and elegant arrangement.

The naturally lined rock looks cute beside the vase  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Arrangement with Plants on a Wall - Winter Forest

These two pictures are my Wall Arrangements (Book 4-17). Sensei likes us to try a "Modern Style" instead of traditional arrangement, since Ikebana is a living art form.  I had a painting in my mind so I used my imagination to create two scenes, Winter forest day and night. (My first Wall Arrangement was posted on 7/30/2009)
Using recycled paper and board, the fresh materials are Dahlia and green leaves (in water tube). The dried materials are painted twigs and hosta leaves.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Autumn Harvest Exhibition - Ikebana

Grace Taiwanese Presbyterian Church Annual Fall Harvest Exhibition was held from 8/31 to 9/1/2013. Again, some of our classmates presented four or five pieces of Ikebana arrangements.  That's enough to form a mini exhibition!  Besides these Ikebana, there were church members' home grown vegetables, home made sweets and other products for sale to raise money (fund raising for church). I am so grateful to my friends, Chih and Doris, who offered me this opportunity to participate and show my flower arrangements.
I created a couple of new arrangements and adopted some of my old ideas to make fresh looks. Below are my five Ikebana for the exhibition.
Material: Rose, Cockscomb, pine and two pieces of driftwood lock toghter.
Container: Japanese ceramic vase
Previous structure, Tree mushroom and Pine were still
 good, new fresh Sunflower and wild green weed
 were added.

Material: Maple, Cockscomb and Baby's breath
 Moon shaped Bamboo container

Material: Big and small Allium (sprayed with silver paint)
 plus Prairie gentian
Container: U shaped ceramic vase
Horizontal design. Mass and Line
Material: Toad lily seed pod, Dahlia, Mum and Willow
Home grown flowers in each glass container