Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Stormy Halloween Night"

Halloween is right around the corner. At our MWGC October meeting, the subject of the Little Show is "Stormy Halloween Night". To make a creative design incorporating a pumpkin. I made a witch hat using cardboard paper. For the witch I carved a friendly pumpkin face instead of a scary one. Decorated with mums, pine and bittersweet. Is it cute?  
My design, got third place

First place, by Pat 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Arrangement and Decoration for Hakka Choir Concert

The extraordinary performance of the Taiwan Hakka Choir (30 people) came to town. Singing Hakka folk songs and some popular operas "La Traviata" and "Carmen". It's East Meets West, and Taiwan vs. Italy. Singing world songs in various languages. The audiences experienced the rich cultural diversity of Taiwan. The event was held in Stage One, Summit School, Walling ford, PA.
As a member of Greater Philadelphia Taiwanese Hakka Association and an Ikebana practitioner, I was asked to decorate the stage and flower arrangement. Taiwanese organization shipped to us three lanterns and a few very colorful, typical Hakka fabric, I used them for table cloths in the reception room and hall way.(10/18/2015)
It's a fall theme arrangement. I tried to pick some color from the
table cloth, it's not quite matching but very colorful. 
Reception table with program.
The Taiwan map is on the back wall
Hakka Lantern in the hall way
Two long Hakka flower banners on both sides of the stage.
 Two choir members were singing the opera "La Traviata".
Poster about the program event 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October Orchid Bloom

The temperature dropped near the freezing point at night the last few days. Fortunately, all the outdoor orchids and some house plants had been checked, cleaned and brought into the house already. They ended their Summer vacation, happily home again (indoor). It kept me busy for a few days. But I also discovered a few of my orchids have been budding and showing spikes, ready to bloom soon.(10/12-10/20/2015)
Dendrobiun, Miniature 

C. Mysteve Natsumi. Faithfully bloom every year this time .

C. Benice Foster Richare Mueller. Easy to grow and flowering,
nice perfume at night. "Lady in the night" is its name
Same plant as above, the pinkish color of the
 petals will turn yellow later on.
Oncidium. "xenia" strong fragrant in the morning 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Splitting Bamboo and making a Design

In the Hata Sensei's class, we learned how to split bamboo and made it as a structure for flower arrangement. Bamboo pieces were provided, about 3 feet long. We needed a special tool to split the bamboo (bamboo splitter). And the pliers,wire cutter,saw, hammer and gloves...were needed to make the structure. Of course, we brought some sort of container and flower materials of our own to accommodate our design and arrangement. Today we had more than 20 students attend the class. I only posted some of their work. (10/12/2015)
Sensei's demo arrangement

My design and arrangement

Student's arrangement

Student's arrangement

Student's arrangement
Student's arrangement

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Autumn Theme

Autumn is here! The scenery is gradually changing color. You feel the gentle breeze, in my arrangement, I expressed them all. (10/6/2015)
Material: Japanese Maple, Mums, Hydrangea and Hosta
Container: Ceramic vase (10"x 5")  

After trimmed, and different angle

An Arrangement Focus on Glass Container

Glass container is a main attention for this arrangement. To show its beauty I keep the materials in the container to minimum. These two stain-glass containers are for the tea light. I used them for this Ikebana arrangement. (10/6/2015 class)
Material: Horsetail and wild Rose hip (or rose berry).