Wednesday, October 29, 2014

An Arrangement in the Display

As I mentioned before, Hata Sensei is a Sogetsu master of the highest rank. She is 88 years old (but looks very young), and has been coming down to the Philadelphia area from New York City once a month to teach for many years. I have the great opportunity to take lessons from her. Besides Ms. Meei-Huey Lin, my first teacher and mentor, I now have two teachers.
In October's lesson, I did a free style arrangement in the class and had Hata Sensei's approval to be displayed in the library of Haverford College, PA (10/24 to 10/26 for a homecoming party).

These two pictures below were the Hata Sensei's demonstrations for miniature arrangement. (10/13/2014  class)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mrs. Judith Hata - Autumn Song (2)

All the arrangements below are so beautiful and truly inspire me. Mrs. Hata used bamboo, wire, sculpture and lumber not only to secure or stabilize the arrangements, but also to add beauty and character.  

The ceramic vase is hanging on the handmade iron board
 The handmade wood container is not expensive to make.

The center arrangement used a piece of iron sculpture

Mrs. Judith Hata - Autumn Song (1)

Our first Ikebana International (I.I.) demonstration of the year was held on October 23, by Mrs. Judith Setsuko Hata, a senior teacher of Sogetsu Ikebana, Riji Rank, the highest teacher's degree in Sogetsu. Mrs. Hata has received the Eiyoosho Award from Sogetsu School honoring her long tenure as a most outstanding teacher. Mrs. Hata teaches, exhibits and demonstrates extensively. She is in great demand both nationally and internationally, and we are honored to have the opportunity to experience both her demonstrations and workshop.
She displayed these arrangements and said they are "Autumn Song." Indeed!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

MWGC - monthly Meeting and Little Show

The title of the little show is "Scavenger Hunt."
"As Assemblage Tape 3 with plant and found objects fastened to a panel to create an abstract design". My design materials are a piece of plastic fence, root stick, dried water lily seed pod, Hydrangea, Allium and Maple leaves. This month we had more members show their designs for competition. I got 3rd place, because I did not know that I should have used more than one found object. I used only one (fence). I like my design, I think it is pretty and has meaning in it.
3rd place by me

1st place by Patricia

2nd place by Barbara

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Arrangement

 Material: Sun flower, Hosta, static and bittersweet
Container: Ceramic vase

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Theme - Using a Variety of Materials

Farewell to the Summer, here comes the Autumn's colorful scenery. The green, red, yellow, orange and falling leaves are just beautiful!
Walking in the park with my husband, I found a big fallen tree branch with dried lichen on it. Immediately I sensed that this was the perfect piece of Ikebana material for the assignment of Fall scenic arrangement.
Material: Bitter sweet, Zinnia, Mum, Hydrangea, Coral bell
leaves and pumpkin. This is my final arrangement.

Showing a piece of bare wood branch with some bitter sweet on it

Monday, October 6, 2014

September to early October Orchid Blooms

As soon as I stepped into my house from a two week long vacation, I ran to check on my orchids.  I discovered a few orchids were in bloom, which was just what I expected to welcome me home. So delightful!
These orchids pictures were taken from 9/21 to 9/30/2014. They will last at least for another two weeks.
Cattleya Alliance. Fragrant in the morning

C. Benice Foster. Richare Mueller x B.Cardata. Fragrant in the night

C. Mysteve  Natsumi

L. Purpurata var. carnea x Bl. Richard Mueller

Blc. Final Touch "Mendenhall" AM/AOS.  Another bud in the back

After a month, bloom again