Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Multi Ikebana School Demostration

The Ikebana International Philadelphia Chapter #71 held its last meeting on May 28, featured the creative use of treasures from our kitchens, either food items or containers. The Ohara, Sogetsu, Ikenobo and other school teachers demonstrated their arrangements. It is very interesting to see different styles of arrangement from different schools. See below:  (5/28/2015).
Bigger arrangement used Bamboo steamer as container(dish kenzan inside).
Arranged the wavy willow as base skeleton then put in Hydrangea, 
Gerbera and other materials.

Glasses container with vegetable and fruits arrangement

Old tea pot and peony 
Smoke tree, straw and ice bucket
Peony, bamboo and stainless steel cooking pot

Egg serving dish as container

Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Orchid Bloom

In early May, around mother's day, most of my orchids were moved to outside under the pine tree shady area where I call it " the vacation site". They love it there and grow much healthier there, until early October or before frost when I move them back inside the house.
Below are the blooming orchids since April to Now.
Epi. Cilive.  Miniature, the flowers only 2" in size (5/29/2015)

C. Phaius Jun Shirashi (5/29/2015)

These orchids below have been flowering for more then 5 weeks. Now all the flowers are faded.
Onc. Mtdm. Issaku Nagata (5/7/2015)


C. Iana. Appleblossom. One of the division plant. 

I had been divided this Appleblossom orchid into three 
plants years ago. Each plant has more flowers then ever.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wood Bark and Branch Arrangements

Sometimes once a month, my ikebana classes will hit two days in a row. Hata Sensei is on Monday, Meei-Huey Sensei is on Tuesday. In that case I have to make 5 different kinds of arrangements within these 2 days. It is really a challenge for me. Here are the Tuesday's work. Both are naturalistic design. (5/19/2015)
Big piece of wood bark, vine,Clematis and moss
Lilac branch, Allium, Clematis and rhododendron with ceramic
vase and some moss

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hata Sensei's Class for May

Each month in Hata Sensei's class we always have three lessons, two in the morning one in the afternoon (we bring our own lunch). Hata sensei always demos our assigned subject first and then we do our own arrangement afterward. (5/18/2015)
Lesson 1: Only One kind of Material (book 4 p.68)
Lesson 2: A Variety of Materials (book 4 p.70)
Lesson 3: Making Cubes or Circles or Both in an arrangement - Free style (in the afternoon)
Azalea flower and its branch is my only one material in basket
Five variety materials: Lilac, Allium, tree Peony,
Weigelia and driftwood in ceramic container.
Also is Color in the Same Tonal Range 

I rearranged at home because the flowers (yellow
peony) were no longer good, so I changed the
pink flowers (Calico Bush). The Circles were
Siberian dogwood branches.

By Classmate
By Classmate

Saturday, May 9, 2015

My First Peony

I noticed that one of my tree peonies is blooming! But my Lilac bush isn't doing well this year, bare branches and less flowers. I used them and cut some of the Eastern Red bud branches for my Spring arrangement. (5/7/2015)  

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cherry Blossoms

There are many kinds of cherry (Sakura) trees, their delicate and beautiful blossoms last only a short time and scatter away. So the Samurai shared the same spirit. Life can be short but beautiful and melancholy!
Road side Cherry Blossoms (Yoshino Cherry) 
Cherry branches, Rhododendron and pine in two
tall glass vases. (5/4/2015)
Yoshino Cherry tree in my lawn

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Two Free Styles - Sunflower and Carnation

sunflower and dried branch (4/21/2015)

I used the black soft wire to twist together to hold
the red dogwood, carnation and pine.
No kenzan required. (4/21/2015)

Friday, May 1, 2015

Exhibition at Grace Taiwanese Presbyterian Church 3 of 3

Here are my 3 arrangements and 1 demonstration piece (3rd picture).
Dogwood and Pine in moon shaped metal container
Crab Apple, Rose and dried branch in a ceramic container
This is my demo piece of Horizontal free style, using 
Spring materials (emphasized seasonal materials in
 Ikebana arrangement)
The wall design I made before for my garden
club show. Now, incorporated with the new
arrangement as a pair of whole design.