Monday, August 24, 2009

July and August's blooming orchids

Oncidiums (Sherry Baby) and Encyclia (Green Hornet).

The Sherry Baby Oncidium smells like chocolate. Its fragrance fills the entire room, so good! You should get this orchid. It is very easy to grow.

Hybrid Paphiopedilum "Doctor Calson"

It has been blooming for more then two months already, I think it's going to fade soon.

Dtps. Brother Strawberry (Purple Gem x King Shing's Rose)

Encyclia Green Hornet (cochleatum x Lancifolium)

This one is easy to grow too, it lasts for a very long time. The flowers are unique, but it has an unpleasant perfume in the morning.


This time of year has the least number of blooming orchids in my orchids collection. I have the least amount of work for me too. Because most of them are outside under a big tree taking a vacation, I let mother nature take care of them for me.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to secure branches

First, fix branches by tying them with wire, the basic idea is to fix them together at two points. When tying the 4 corners,the point of contact is to be secured tightly (see the picture above). Keep in mind that the wire knot is visible, so use colored wire that suits the materials so that it's not too obvious.

Nageire, Free Style
I used this new technique we learned today and arranged it into a tall vase design. In future lessons, it will be very helpful to use this technique, like in a design without Kenzan in the Moribana style or a design that does not use a container, using big branches to support each other. Very useful!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Combined Styles ( two containers)

Moribana and Moribana (8/4/09)

Moribana and Naageire ( 8/6/09)
We didn't have class in July, but we have three classes in August, and today's class was for a make up. I am going on vacation tomorrow (8/7). So I am just showing my finished arrangement first. When I come back (8/16), I will continue blogging! Until then!