Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Workshop Using Dried Materials - Faded Beauty

At one time using dried materials from the field and garden was a necessary in ikebana. So in this mid winter, the I.I.(Ikebana International) Philadelphia Chapter provided a workshop for members to learn and practice. We had two Senseis from two schools, Sogetsu and Ohara to do the demonstration for us.(1/22/2015)
By Midori Tanimune Sensei
Using all dried materials but fresh roses and leaves. 
By Ronell Douglass Sensei
Using all dried materials, but spread painted Hydrangea.
By Ronell Douglass Sensei
Using all dried materials to make sculpture like arrangement 
By me Lynn Lee
Using all dried materials: Toad lily seed pod, Hydrangea and
Cockscomb all are in the mass form.
By one of the member

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Big Center Piece for MWGC Fundraising Gala

I was so happy to be the person who arranged the center piece at the entrance hall way for the gale luncheon. The Martha Washington Garden Club ( MWGC) holds the event once a year raising money for the Buck County high school student's college scholarship. (1/21/2015)
It's so much easier to do a big center piece using this wood skeleton to makes this arrangement.
measurement is 4 feet 6 inches x 2 feet 4 inches. (Front view)
Back view, You can see all around.
Ready to transfer to the church next day.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hata Sensei's Class

For this class, we had 2 lessons which I learned a lot.
Lesson 1: Swapping Containers and Materials.
Lesson 2: Freestyle with difficult container. (1/19/2015)
This is Lesson 2. It was a difficult container for me, because the mouth was slanted on one side. I was able to come up with only one way to arrange this.  The fan was optional, but Sensei thought it would be more festive with it.

This is Lesson 2. It became Sensei's arrangement because the student did not
do it right. (sorry, I didn't have the photo to compare).  
This was my classmate's arrangement for Lesson 1 with my container and materials. My materials included a white mum, which she did not use.

This is Lesson 1. Sensei did it for one of the student, because it was too complicate.  

This was Lesson 1 for me with someone else's container and materials. Sensei added in 2 more branches to counterbalance the weight of the color from the carnations.
These were Hata Sensei's domo for Lesson 2 (students' container and materials)

January Orchid Bloom

The BCOS has a Cookie and Culture meeting this month, which is just a question and answer session with show tables for all members to display their orchids.  Orchid blooms usually peak during the winter months.  For me, my Cymbidiums and Cattelyas have the most blooms.

Cat. The same plant in 3 pots.
Winter Wonderland "White Fairy"

Cymbidium. Moonstone.
The mother of the 2 plants on L.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

With Flowers Only

An arrangement using flowers only but of two or more kinds.
The color, line and mass are the three elements in this design. The color coordination was in my mind when I purchased the flower materials. This arrangement, I thought it's perfect for the wedding occasion.
Flowers are Tulip, Carnation, baby breath and Daisy.
The ceramic container has two hole in both side. (1/13/2015)

Mid Winter Dream

The Winter is here. Although, we had snow only once so far. It is very cold, but not as brutal as last year. I did the winter scenic arrangement again. The bare branches with snow (Baby breath, Daisy) and snow flakes (Silvery Allium) was my imagination of deep winter.
Please compare the two pictures below. The three Alliums should be placed in irregular triangular position. (1/13/2015)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome 2015 - Wishes

Wishing everyone has a healthy, peaceful, happy New Year!
Hoping your wishes and dream will come true!
All red arrangement: Rose, Carnation, nandina, Winter berry with a bit of green.
The Japanese ceramic vase was made in the year of  Showa 11th (1936 ).
The Kansi writing means "Showing Truth
 and Innocence "