Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October Little Show for MWGC - A Mass Arrangement

This month's Garden Club Little Show is titled: "Tribute to Johannes Vermeer" A Mass Arrangement in the style of the Dutch during the 17th century. The designer is requested to interpret Vermeer's painting "A Lady Writing a Letter." All fresh plant material must be used. My design is in the Ikebana Style, that's completely different from the European's mass arrangement (see the painting below). The MWGC meeting will be on 10/30/2013. I will miss it, so I did the arrangement ahead of time. I will be on my vacation (10/17-11/7/2013), see you next month.
Coral bell leaves, mums and different berries
 in the ceramic container

"A lady writing a letter"
Jan Davidsz de Heem (1606-1684) Vase of flower

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Autumn is in the air

The weather changes so rapidly! From the Indian summer we had last week to deep Fall now. The surrounding nature, colors changing from green to yellow, orange, and soon to be red, inspired me to arrange three Ikebana to welcome the season. I used all the materials around the surrounding area and garden.
Hanging Style Nageire. The materials are Wild rose berry,
 Unknown tree berry and Dahlia.
Ceramic vase is a gift  from a Japanese friend. 

Upright Style Moribana. Same materials as above.
 Container is ceramic suipan.
Free Style. Almost dried  Hydrangeas with Lily
and Hosta using wood sticks to form a structure
 to hold.  Container: Ceramic vase.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Orchids Bloom in October

It is about time to bring all my orchids inside the house. I have been re-potting, dividing for overgrown plants for these past couple weeks. Especially since we are going away for vacation for the next three weeks. I will miss this month's BCOS meeting (10/17/2013). For October, I only have two new blooming orchids to post.
L. Purpurata Var. Carnea x BL. Richard Mueller

In Full bloom, Lasts about 6 weeks
C. Mysteve Natsumi. Mother plant is still bloom. See below
When I come back from my trip, I think these spikes will all
be blooming. Can't wait to see them.
(Milt. Xenia (Milt. Bluntii '4n' x Milt. Clowesii '4n') 10/16/2013

Monday, October 7, 2013

"Reaping the Harvest" Arrangement

 After a much needed heavy rain, it begins to feel like fall. I think this string beans will be our last harvest. Why not do an arrangement with this vegetable to make it as our memory for this year's planting.
This basket arrangement is suitable for the MWGC October Little Show. (A Creative Design incorporating fall harvest plant material).
String bean and Dahlia in the Basket plus an Apple

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The 12th NAOTA Conference

I was invited by my good friend Vivian to attend The 12th North American Ohara Teachers Association ((NAOTA) Conference. The demonstration and dinner was held on 10/4/2013 in Philadelphia. I was so happy to have the chance to meet the Associate professor Akihiro Nishi. He demonstrated eight pieces of the big and huge arrangements on stage. It was full of excitement and fun to watch. I was amazed how he chose the materials and containers so well to interpret the Ohara school's principal concept. Every arrangement is breathtakingly beautiful! (10/6/2013)
Professor Akihiro and his " Water Scenery" arrangement

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hand Made Basket- Using Midollino Sticks

I made it! without any instruction,  not perfect but I like it!

Material: Dahlia, Zebra grass, Golden rod and weed
Container: Hand made basket