Friday, March 26, 2010

Longwood Gardens SEPOS Orchid Show

I am so happy that I got first place in the Southeast Pennsylvania Orchid Society (SEPOS) Orchid Show (Cymbidium group) held at Longwood Gardens last weekend. We B.C.O.S. totally had about 40 plants, including five of mine (pictures shown here). Unfortunately, our society didn't get a group design prize this time, but several of our members did get individual prizes.

Southeast Pennsylvania Orchid Society (SEPOS)

Cym." Eastern Promise" and Oncidium "Hawaii Sunset"

Lctna. Mighty Titan ' Parkside' AM/AOS

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

M.W. Garden Club 75th Anniversary

Huge centerpiece by our two master gardeners.
It's truly a beautiful masterpiece.

I arranged this free style Ikebana for display. The vase is a Japanese bronze antique and the branches are Japanese quince.

I only have this Cymbidium to show for the celebration. I have five other freshly blooming orchids at Longwood Gardens (they have an orchid show this weekend) to present with our B.C. Orchid Society entry--together we have about 40 plants to exhibit. Hopefully we can get a prize, we got 2nd place last year. (3/24/10)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Upright Style Moribana Variation No.2

I chose yellow mums with a brown center to match the container and I wanted to use butterfly maple branches instead of evergreen because they are so pretty. They are just starting to bud and have tiny red tips. Shin 15 degrees, Soe 75 degrees and Hikae (flowers) 45 degrees are in the variation no. 2 arrangement. (3/16/10)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Multiple miniature containers arrangement

We have to use at least five objects or containers to do this assignment. I have one vase, one seashell fossil, a rock, one orange miso soup bowl cover and a tea light holder. I used a tray to arrange them into three groups (at my teacher's suggestion) and then I put the calla, pine and a waved willow vine into the vase and let the vine flow from one arrangement to another. The purpose of this practice is to teach us how to arrange these objects to achieve artistry. My classmate said it looks so peaceful! (3/16/10)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Focusing on the Use of Water

Calla lily and Cymbidium leaves
For today's assignment I had two arrangements. I used two transparent glass containers for both designs. The beauty of water as well as the plants are equally important elements in this arrangement. Which one is prettier? (3/2/10)

Calla lily, willow and sea shells

Upright Style Nageire Variation No.1

In this arrangement, the shin 15 degrees should lean firmly to the right back, and together with Soe 45 degrees and Hikae (carnations) 75 degrees, form 90 degrees from left to right.

Right picture is side view (3/2/10)