Saturday, July 7, 2018

Ikebana Exhibition at TAC/EC- My arrangements(3)

This year's Ikebana program at TAC/East Coast, I had two pieces of arrangement. One for exhibition, the other one was demonstration piece. I also helped out for stage decoration.  
1) My large arrangement: "Rustic Beauty" is the title.
Material: Azalea, Sunflower, Cornflower head, Yarrow, Arborvitae and a piece of lichen covered branch ( I found it from a dead tree). A piece of wood trunk for base.
Container: Africa wood crafted container. 
2) My demonstration piece: Using both fresh and unconventional materials
Material: Plastic file cover (cut in triangle shape to echo the container), Solomon seal, Sunflower and vine. The vine softens the shape of container and show some movement. I purposely selected color contrast with purple plastic and yellow sunflower.
Container: Triangular ceramic vase with three holes.
I felt a little bit challenge to arrange this triangle vase from behind. To do a demonstration, you should have a teacher's certificated paper, and you should stand behind, face the audiences to do the arrangement.       
"Rustic Beauty" By Lynn J. Lee
close up
"Shaped by Obstacle" By Lynn J. Lee

Tried and practiced at home from behind

Friday, July 6, 2018

Ikebana Exhibition at TAC/EC (2)

 Once again, the Sogetsu Bux Mont Study Group held an Ikebana Exhibition program at the Taiwanese America Conference / North East (TAC/NE). We had more than 550 people, young and old, three generations attended the Conference Summer Camp.
Ikebana exhibition, demonstrations and workshop were just one of many programs.
Here are the Sogetsu Buxmont Study Group members' arrangements:
" Never Ending Story " by Chih Huang
"Sun Rise-Sun Set" by Doris Liu
"On the Hiking Trails" by Sim
"Picnic" by Karen Lewis
"Zen" by Meei-Huey Lin

"Clarity" by Mary
"Talking Among Ourselves"
"Amazing Ropes" by Betty
"Blessing" by YoonJung Jeong

"Golden Delight" by Lititia
"The Quiet Moment" by Ann Tran
"Taiwan on Top of The World" by Lititia Chen

"Summer Fade" by Mary and "Stay Connected" by Betty

Workshop arrangements by participants

Thursday, July 5, 2018

TAC/EC - TANG Conference - 2018 (1)

Taiwanese American Conference / East Coast (TAC/EC) and Taiwanese American Next Generation (TANG) have been put together to form a once a year Summer Camp and conference for 15 years now. This is our 49th year for the first generation. Time goes so fast, some campers have 3 generations together to have a family reunion here, some just to have a good time with old friends or to meet new friends.
Besides, the conference offers various topics for discussion, relevant to life in the states and relate to current and future development in Taiwan. Serious political subjects, enjoyment of music concerts and Ikebana exhibition or workshop to suit everyone's interests.   
Our theme this year is "Love Taiwan motherland, protect Taiwan sovereignty". We are Taiwanese American, we love our adopted country and we are concerned about our motherland Taiwan's security.
It was held in West Chester University PA, from July 1-4, 2018
Designed by Lititia Chen and Alice Chen

Designed by Chih Huang and Lynn Lee