Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hawaii wedding

My husband and I took a trip to Hawaii for my niece's wedding in Kona (10/18- 10/23), this was my 4th time to Hawaii but it's my first time to see Kona. It was a small wedding but it was so warm, friendly, touching and beautiful. The day after the wedding, my sister, our husbands, and I went to Hilo to see a tropical garden and to visit my husband's Japanese teacher. Here, tropical flowers are always in floral shop or greenhouses, so I enjoy seeing them all over the place in their natural surroundings.
Pawai Bay Cove
My beautiful niece; the guests were asked to wear Hawaiian
styled attire.

These plumeria are popular in leis.
Centerpieces at our Sunday brunch  table
Wow! using Cattleya orchid

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October Orchid Bloom

(Brassocattleya Memoria Bernice Foster)
This is a division plant from the one I posted last month.
It is easy to grow and its flowers are last very long time. 

Milttassia " Xenia" (Milt. Bluntii ' 4n x Milt.
Clowesii 4n)  Strong fragrant in the morning.

Blc.  Toshie Aoki "Camela"
This is my new collection. I bought last year
 because I like its color and long lasting flower.
 Its color changed in few days, compare to the
 one below it just freshly bloomed.

Oncidium  Alliance ' Wild Cat '

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Some Like It Hot

For October's class, we have to make up a subject and arrange it. I wanted to use a leftover Anthurium ( Flamingo lily) and I picked this red hot berry branch to accentuate it. " Some like it hot" is an American romantic comedy film with Marilyn Monroe, made in 1959.
Anthurium and Japenes beauty bush
I snapped all the branch's leaves off  and left the red berry only.

Mass with Wood Arrangement

Most of the time I am able to pick the materials I need from the surrounds of my house for my Ikebana class.
For this assignment I did it as a rustic fall arrangement.
Hydrangea, Twig and Driftwood
I finished this arrangement in 10/2/2012 class.

Butterfly bush, Cat tail, Hosta and Dragonhead  in the
 dish Kenzan behind the wood.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Free Style - Using leftover Roses

Material: Rose, Coral bell leaf, Baby's breath and Iris leaf