Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hawaii wedding

My husband and I took a trip to Hawaii for my niece's wedding in Kona (10/18- 10/23), this was my 4th time to Hawaii but it's my first time to see Kona. It was a small wedding but it was so warm, friendly, touching and beautiful. The day after the wedding, my sister, our husbands, and I went to Hilo to see a tropical garden and to visit my husband's Japanese teacher. Here, tropical flowers are always in floral shop or greenhouses, so I enjoy seeing them all over the place in their natural surroundings.
Pawai Bay Cove
My beautiful niece; the guests were asked to wear Hawaiian
styled attire.

These plumeria are popular in leis.
Centerpieces at our Sunday brunch  table
Wow! using Cattleya orchid

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