Friday, September 24, 2010

Orchids in September

Paphiopedilum " Doctor Calson"
It is blooming this time of year again, I can enjoy it for about 2 months.

"Lady of the night" ( Blc. richard Mueller x B. Cordata). Fragrant at night.
I divided this crowded orchid into three plants last year. They are all blooming now. I donated a smaller one to my garden club, a member bid $16 for it.

Onc. Sherry Baby " Sweet Fragrance" ( chocolate fragrance)
Above are the three kinds of orchids I was supposed to bring for the BCOS meeting's show table, but I was absent this month. Otherwise, I might have won some prizes!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Free Style

Another arrangement on September 20 and I changed the flowers from red Coxcomb to yellow Dehlia on September 27.

I had this new container and some Calla lilies left, also I had the urge to do Ikebana, especially because we are not going to have class until October. So this is my piece of work. (9/9 /10)