Saturday, June 27, 2015

Free Style - Anthurium and Allium

The Anthurium from the last class is still good to use for another arrangement. I sprayed silver paint on a giant Allium seed pod to put upside down in the ceramic basket (bought from Japan two years ago) and inserted Anthuriums with baby-breath in the back. (6/22/2015)

Arrangement with Sweet pea

In a open field nearby, I found many wild sweet peas. I know they are perennial and I've always wanted to plant these in my garden because they're so beautiful. Someday I will! (6/21/2015)
Sweet pea and sedum in the dark blue ceramic vase

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hata Sensei's Class for June

This is our last class before Summer break. We had two morning lessons this month followed by a pot-luck lunch.
Lesson 1) Free Style - Using Anthurium, material ordered from Hawaii.
Lesson 2) Book 3-4 -  two or more containers.
After class, all of us including Hata Sensei, enjoyed a delicious lunch together to end our class year.
Hope everyone has a Wonderful Summer! (6/15/2015)
Anthurium, Philodendrom, small white flower and vine
Trifoliate orange, smoke tree, Geranium and
Hosta in two tall glass containers 
Trifoliate orange and Asian lily in two ceramic containers,
I arranged at home (6/5/2015) 
Two containers arrangement. It's very beautiful by one of
my classmate's arrangement. (6/15/2015) 

Hata Sensei's class is a big one. Most times there are more than 20 people, and almost half of her students have different levels of teacher's certificate. Sometimes I want to take pictures of their beautiful finished composition but it is impossible because there is no way that I can set up the individual background and than take the pictures.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Garden Visitors

Once in a while, I spot a red fox passing through my back yard. More often the Heron, a long necked bird, stops by the pond wandering around to try to eat fish for a delicious meal. The other time I discovered a tiny butterfly staying on the deck railing. It's a rare beautiful one. I would like to share with you.