Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ikebana International Philadelphia Chapter#71

My teacher invited us, the students, to the Ikebana International (I.I) Philadelphia Chapter's lunch meeting last Thursday (9/24/09). Mrs. Kika Shibata was the guest demonstrator. She earned the prestigious title of RIJI, the highest degree offered by the Sogetsu school. She was appointed the Sogetsu regional Director of North America from 1996 to 2002 and she was chosen by Headmaster Akane Teshigahara as coordinator of west coast in North America. She also remains an active member of I.I. and She is the most active Sogutsu teacher internationally. Mrs. Kika Shibata specializes in unique line designs that enrich living and working environment. (Biography summarized from the I.I. program)

She traveled from San Jose to Philadelphia to demonstrate. She used all different kind of materials and containers to make a big Ikebana flower arrangement. All of them are beautiful. I definitely learned something from the I.I. meeting. Below is her work.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

September's Active Start

c. Natsumi
The Bucks County Orchids Society's meeting started this month (we were off July and August). Meetings are held the third Thursday every month. I don't have any new blooming orchids to put on the show table, I only have this one bloom three days after.

Martha Washington Garden Club meetings are held the fourth Wednesday every month. I signed up to be this month's Hostess. So the chair asked me to do the center piece for the refreshment table. This one is not ikebana, just a design idea I learned from the club a long time ago. I think it suits our Fall meeting.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Free Style Horizotal arrangement

For today's assignment, I picked two Azalea branches and carefully trimmed and studied them to see how they should be arranged to suit the low horizontal design. I used only one big Dahlia flower. I think choosing the right container is important too (a flea market find, I painted it black). My teacher said it's very good. I am delighted!

Close look

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happiness is...

Happiness is when you surprisingly discover a new spike appear in your orchids. I went to my orchids' vacation site to check them out today, and I found out they are doing well and most of Cattleyas have a sheath coming out already. I know that by November they are going to bloom. I am so happy.

This miniature Dandrobium bloomed last year for the first time. Now, it is going to bloom again. I am so ecstatic.

Miit. Xenia (Miit. Bluntii '4' xMiit. Clowesii '4')
I predicted this one would spike in September, and it did. I discovered it today. I am so thrilled.

Cattleyas ( Blc. Hawaiian Lighting " colorful")
Do you see the sheath coming out there? I don't know what color this flower is. Because this was young plant when I got it from the society's auction. It must be colorful like the name. I am so excited! All I have to do now is just wait patiently.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Upright Style Nageire Variation No.2

The key point of this style is the line created by the two branches. My teacher's comment is that I trimmed the branches very well, and the three main ikebana lines of Shin, Soe, and Hikee are all at the correct angle. I think I did a good job. (9-1-09)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Repeating Similar Forms or Shape

I transplanted the horsetail plants from my daughter's garden last fall. But not enough to use in today's arrangement, so I added some Zebra plant stems (I stripped all the leaves). I carefully bent them in all different sizes, tall and short. Their shape is rhythmically repeated. Last, I put two Coliopsis flowers, one in front and one in back to complete this composition. (9-1-09)