Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happiness is...

Happiness is when you surprisingly discover a new spike appear in your orchids. I went to my orchids' vacation site to check them out today, and I found out they are doing well and most of Cattleyas have a sheath coming out already. I know that by November they are going to bloom. I am so happy.

This miniature Dandrobium bloomed last year for the first time. Now, it is going to bloom again. I am so ecstatic.

Miit. Xenia (Miit. Bluntii '4' xMiit. Clowesii '4')
I predicted this one would spike in September, and it did. I discovered it today. I am so thrilled.

Cattleyas ( Blc. Hawaiian Lighting " colorful")
Do you see the sheath coming out there? I don't know what color this flower is. Because this was young plant when I got it from the society's auction. It must be colorful like the name. I am so excited! All I have to do now is just wait patiently.

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