Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Fourth Annual Exhibition at Shofuso Japanese House and Garden (3)

I was so grateful for participating in the 2015 Exhibition at Shofuso, the Japanese House and Garden, in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. There is no better place like this historic, traditional and lovely Japanese house for the exhibition of the Ikebana.
My arrangement used the same design and materials like previous one, just changed Hydrangea to Lily. Its same color tone and expressed my feeling of Autumn!
Grey Platform # 3  (Sogetsu)

Grey Platform # 2 (Sogetsu)

My arrangement match the Kimono coincidentally

The Fourth Annual Exhibition at Shofuso Japanese House and Garden (2)

Grey Platform #5 (Ohara)

Grey Platform #6 ( Ikenobo)

grey platform #7 (Sogetsu)

Shelf in Bathroom (onsen) Entrance 

Tea Preparation Room (Ohara)

Tea Room Bridge Shelf
Tea Room: 39" square, on
 the floor (Ikenobo)
Kitchen (Ohara)

The Fourth Annual Exhibition at Shofuso Japanese House and Garden (1)

The 4th annual Summer Ikebana exhibition was held at Shofuso Japanese House and Garden by members of Ikebana International (II) Philadelphia Chapter #71. It ran from Friday, August 21 through Sunday, August 23. The arrangements include three ikebana schools (Ikenobo, Sogetsu, Ohara) and were assigned to good locations around the house. I was told it was a busy weekend, many visitors particularly came just for the Ikebana arrangements exhibition.
These are some scenic views of Shofuso Japanese Summer garden. And the arrangements below.

Front Entrance (Sogetsu)
Large space outside porch covered by roof (Ohara)
Large space outside porch covered by roof  (Ohara)

Large space outside on the veranda (Ohara)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

An Arrangement for an upcoming Ikebana Exhibition

Driving on the roadside, there are many trees like Crab Apple, Crepe Myrtle and Cherry which have a lot of fruits or berries already. You can sense a bit of Autumn in the air now. Using seasonal materials as much as possible, with what you can get, is always one of Ikebana's main concepts.
I tried to use berries and Hydrangea for their contrasting colors, but the Hydrangea wilted within two days. So I will have to choose other flowers that can last longer for an upcoming exhibition.  
Crab Apple, Hydrangea, Lenten Rose leave and a branch
in the ceramic vase (8/17/2015)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Squash Arrangement

My friend gave me this home grown squash. She said its seed was from our native Taiwan and it is very delicious! I treasure its beautiful shape and I really want to arrange it before I cook it.
Look! This is my arrangement:
Branch, Squash, Hydrangea, Vine and tree bark

Capucha squash (8/1/2015)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Summer Garden

I have had a white picket fence garden beside my house for more than 15 years to keep away deer and unwelcome animals to eat or mess up my plants. My old garden had been declining after all these years, and we had it redone a few months ago. It looks much nicer and prettier! Most of the plants I have here are perennials.

Larkspur, Perennial (June)
Larkspur (August) 
Stokers' Aster, Perennial
Glory Lily, Bulb
Japanese Anemone, Perennial 
Panther or Leopard Lily, Bulb
cornflower, Perennial
Cornflower, Perennial

The Pond in my backyard

The pond in my backyard is located at the edge of a wooded area. Once it dried out totally due to a lack of rain and a long period of dry weather. Koi and comet fish all died and the frogs disappeared until it rained again. It filled up little by little and finally the pond water came back to its normal level. We bought 20 small fish again, and a few years later it became hundred of them. Especially after the rain, all the fish were floating on the surface. It's fun to watch. Below you can see a big bird, a heron (?) trying to harvest a fish meal.