Sunday, December 26, 2010

Orchids in December: Cattleyas

C. Percivaliana " Summit"
This one is called "Christmas orchid", It was blooming during Christmas last year too, but it only bloomed two flowers. It is a good thing that I can check my blog and keep track from year to year.

This is a big Cattleya. It has 3 sheaths; each one has 4 flowers, which is a big improvement than last year. It's also very fragrant. (see below left picture)

Bllra. Tohoma Glacier " Ithan" AM/AOS
Its perfume fills the whole room in the morning. This one is not as great as last year's. There are only three flowers. (see above right picture)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Years Arrangement Horizontal Style

The materials for my new years design this year are pine, white mums, and red roses. Because I'm using a horizontal style, also I had a bunch of painted white twigs that could balance the pine beautifully. This arrangement from tip to tip is 36 inches long. After I came home from ikebana class, I rearranged and placed it on my dinning table, it looks very pretty for the holiday season. (12/14/2010)

Composition of Mass and Line (Striaght or Curved)

The mass of orange mums is contrasted with dark blue container. The curved bittersweet creates artistic tension in the space.( 12/14/2010)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two or More Containers ( Merry Christmas)

The tall vase towards the back of the wood platform creates a strong impression. I used holly, Poinsettia and red Nandina berries, and for contrast I arranged same materials in the much smaller vase towards the front. I placed vines and ivy connected to each other first, then arranged flowers and leaves for both containers. This is also a Christmas themed arrangement. My teacher said it was beautifully done. (12/7/2010)

I gathered all the materials and followed my idea to arrange this one day before class.(12/6/2010)

Vertical Composition

I found a bunch of wild raspberry plants outside my wooded area. They grew upwards and now only a few leaves remain at the tip. I thought these would show the beauty of natural lines, so they became my design for today's lesson "Vertical Composition." The colorful mums arranged at the bottom brighten the whole arrangement. I followed my teacher's final suggestion to make one branch higher to create a more harmonious look overall--there is no rule about the ratio between vertical length and horizontal width. (12/7/2010)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Full of Surprise

C. Skinneri Alba "Debbie"
I had another one that faded last month. This is the new, same "Dabbie" blooming after I came back from a visit to my daughter's home. Only four days later I noticed that on some of my Cattleyas, their sheaths had become plump or their buds had come out. Three or even four in one sheath, I am so pleasantly surprised!

Paph.(Lady Slipper) "Sukhakulii" and Cymbidium in the right