Sunday, December 26, 2010

Orchids in December: Cattleyas

C. Percivaliana " Summit"
This one is called "Christmas orchid", It was blooming during Christmas last year too, but it only bloomed two flowers. It is a good thing that I can check my blog and keep track from year to year.

This is a big Cattleya. It has 3 sheaths; each one has 4 flowers, which is a big improvement than last year. It's also very fragrant. (see below left picture)

Bllra. Tohoma Glacier " Ithan" AM/AOS
Its perfume fills the whole room in the morning. This one is not as great as last year's. There are only three flowers. (see above right picture)


  1. It's too bad I can't use these blooms for my bouquet!

  2. Yes you can.I can find something somewhere else for you.It's a little bit harder to find them in the Summer time though!