Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Demonstration and Opening Luncheon

Ikebana International Philadelphia Chapter # 71, held its first meeting of this year on 9/24/2015. Mrs. Emiko Suzuki (professor 1st grade) of the Ikenobo school was our speaker. She conducted a morning demonstration and held a workshop in the following day which I didn't attend.
"Emiko is also an instructor in the art of tea ceremony. She opened the Western NC Japanese Culture Center, in Hendersonville, in order to share her love of Japanese culture through Ikebana, tea ceremony and Japanese Language lessons".
I enjoyed her demonstration very much! Here are her demo arrangements:

Left: hand made metal container by Jose F Juico. Who is I I member
Right: Pottery made by Mary Ann Burk, from Virginia.
Both container I purchased at Ginza

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Arrangements Emphasizing the Container

This lesson is about the container. The arrangement should make the container a focal point. So it should be clearly noticeable. The white flower was picked from the wild (Eupaturium, I don't know the common name). The painted black wood, I interlocked to match the container's pattern. (9/16/2015)

The crescent metal moon, I bought from I.I. Ginza recently. It was made by one of our members. I randomly arranged yellow and orange mums with it. This one also emphasizes the unique container! (9/25/2015)

Sketching and Arrangement

My sketch and final arrangement don't look the same, that's because when I tried to put the Begonia leaves in place, they were not strong or big enough. After all it's an idea on sketch first, and then I arrange it.
Begonia leaves, mum, fire thorn and willow in tall ceramic vase

I sketched it first than changed the container to
 this boat shape (It was the round one) (9/16/2015)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hata Sensei's Class for Septemper

We started our class year this Monday ( 9/14/2015). Lesson for September:
1) Basic Slanting Style Nageire (book 1-9 or 10)
2) Freestyle, Sunflower and an interesting branch
3) A variety of Materials (book 4-5)
Basic Slanting Style, Crepe  Myrtle and its flower

Sunflower and an interesting branch

Close up look

An arrangement using 5 or more kinds of  materials, mainly flowers, is called Maze-Zashi. 
 Pyracantha (Scarlet Firethorn), mum, sunflower and Toad lily seedpod in Pottery pot
Sensei's  demo for "A variety of  materials"
Sunflower and interesting branch arrangement, I never thought to use Corn stalk as an interesting branch, like Sensei did. And a classmate (she is an active teacher) used dried Banana leaves. Their arrangements really opened my eye. And I learned something today.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August Orchids Bloom

Summer is almost over! But it's still hot during the day time. We have had 5 heat waves so far this summer.
I had two important (I think) Ikebana exhibitions, one in July (Summer Conference), one in August (Shofuso Japanese house). All the programs of Ikebana, class and activity, will be resumed in this month. As for orchids, I should have my three blooming orchids (from July and August) posted here to share with orchid enthusiasts.
Blc. Hawaiian Passion "Carmela" very nice fragrant

Blc. " Roman Holiday" I divided this one  two years ago 

Encyclia "Green Hornet"
Blc. Another "Roman holiday"