Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hata Sensei's Class for Septemper

We started our class year this Monday ( 9/14/2015). Lesson for September:
1) Basic Slanting Style Nageire (book 1-9 or 10)
2) Freestyle, Sunflower and an interesting branch
3) A variety of Materials (book 4-5)
Basic Slanting Style, Crepe  Myrtle and its flower

Sunflower and an interesting branch

Close up look

An arrangement using 5 or more kinds of  materials, mainly flowers, is called Maze-Zashi. 
 Pyracantha (Scarlet Firethorn), mum, sunflower and Toad lily seedpod in Pottery pot
Sensei's  demo for "A variety of  materials"
Sunflower and interesting branch arrangement, I never thought to use Corn stalk as an interesting branch, like Sensei did. And a classmate (she is an active teacher) used dried Banana leaves. Their arrangements really opened my eye. And I learned something today.

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