Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Road Side Scenery - 6

We were so blessed with very nice weather throughout the whole trip. It was sunny and hot, but not humid.
Everywhere we went we saw many aggressive constructions and improvements. I think Turkey is going to have a bright future and will be a great country.
These are the few pictures, with all different dates during the trip, that I would like to share with you to conclude my presentation.
The bridge connects Europe and Asia (Galata Bridge)

The beautiful mosque on the bank of the Bosphorus
Distant view of Blue Mosque ( Istanbul)

Aegean Sea viewed from Porto Bella hotel Room (Antalya city)
Evil's eye decorated tree (for protection or get rid of bad spirit)
Nature Ikebana on park entrance

village pottery shop

Road side landscape in Ankara

Along the high way we saw many mountains like this with sparing
 of tall trees. Hot and dry in Summer and snow cover in Winter. 

park decoration in front of the museum

Turtle found on the side of ancient ruin. I think it might be
thousand years old! just kidding.

Making Turkish Pita at the front of restaurant 

View from hotel balcony. It looks like water color painting.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Rock Formation (Cappadocia) - 5

Cappadocia is located at central Turkey. It is a very interesting place with honeycomb hills and Phallic boulders of otherworldly beauty. It was formed by ancient volcanic soft ash, molded by millennia of rain and river flow. The large caves were utilized as the shelter, in fact, many refugee, Christians and Jews had been hiding there for a long time to avoid the persecution during the period of Christian Intolerance of Roman Empire. There are many ancient churches with fresco and painting on the walls still are well preserved.

Under ground city passage
Stone door for protection

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ankara National Museum - 4

Ankara is the capital of Turkey. There, we saw these amazing, beautiful pieces. These earrings below are from Ancient Troy (6th century B.C) and were smuggled from their excavation to Germany to Russia to eventually University of Pennsylvania, who returned them to Turkey, where they were originally found. There is another pair of these earrings in a museum of Russia. Even today, these are just as fashionable. Below are other gold or luxury objects.


Bronze Cauldrons, Assyrian art. 8th century B.C.

Well Preserved Ancient Theater and some Ruins- 3

Theater at Aspendos, once the sovereignty of Alexander the Great in 333 BC, is the best preserved Roman theater in the ancient world. It was constructed by Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180 AD).
During 13th century was thoroughly restored by Seljuk Sultan, Alaeddin. It seats thousands of people with excellent acoustic effect, still hosting major events such as opera, concerts and folklore
festivals. In fact, Aida is scheduled to be performed here next month (I wish I could be there).

Mable columns--Turkey is known for its marble trade and quarries
Next to the street pillars were many stores. The right side has a
square of shopping plaza called agora. 

Nike relief ( please Google it for detail) 

Bath house

Ancient Pamphylias city founded in 12-13 BC. The city street
still well preserved. The water duct showed under the pillars
 for cooling the city and used by citizen.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lunch at the Village Garden - 2

On the way to Pergama city, where an ancient famous mental health treatment center of Asklepion ruin existed. We stopped by a village (Gobeller) for lunch, a taste of typical local Turkish food, lots of olive oil used, tomato (very sweet), crunchy cucumber, eggplant and other vegetables or Lentil soup, small Chickpea egg rolls appeared in our meal every day, very Mediterranean diet indeed. The lunch was at the front yard of the house surround by grape vines, quince and pomegranate trees.
Our very knowledgeable tour guide and excellent bus driver chatted with the local chief.

Pomegranate tree
Quince tree
Love-lies-bleeding plant, finally saw
it in person, not in the Ikebana book.
Grape vine provide the shade
to cool the front yard
Trojan horse
A crane, in front of  ruin