Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lunch at the Village Garden - 2

On the way to Pergama city, where an ancient famous mental health treatment center of Asklepion ruin existed. We stopped by a village (Gobeller) for lunch, a taste of typical local Turkish food, lots of olive oil used, tomato (very sweet), crunchy cucumber, eggplant and other vegetables or Lentil soup, small Chickpea egg rolls appeared in our meal every day, very Mediterranean diet indeed. The lunch was at the front yard of the house surround by grape vines, quince and pomegranate trees.
Our very knowledgeable tour guide and excellent bus driver chatted with the local chief.

Pomegranate tree
Quince tree
Love-lies-bleeding plant, finally saw
it in person, not in the Ikebana book.
Grape vine provide the shade
to cool the front yard
Trojan horse
A crane, in front of  ruin

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