Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sunflower and Olive Field (Turkey Trip) - 1

I am back from Turkey after two week long trip, from 9/8 to 9/20/2014. We traveled from Istanbul along the Aegean and Mediterranean sea coast and the western half of Anatolia. Turkey is a country full of history, wonderful and beautiful countryside (it's very safe). So much to see and so much to learn. The whole area is rich in culture, with four thousand years of Greek-Roman-Islamic histories and ruins and strange rock formations with caves (Cappadocia), where early Christians hid from persecution.You see magnificent mosques with minarets everywhere. I am not going to write all that, it's beyond my ability but I want to post something related to my blog's subject and beyond.
Pictures were taken from the tour bus window, they are not very clear. 
On the way to Troy (ancient city of the Trojan horse), you can see the Aegean sea,
sunflower and olive field. 

From Istanbul headed south through Thrace and Gallipoli Peninsula on bus tour along
the Sea of Marmara, there are miles of drying Sun flower fields ready to be harvested for
Sunflower oil ( better for frying food) and seeds.

The northern Aegean section ( along the Aegean Sea) is the location for Turkey's olive
 oil production. Edremit, called the city of olive oil. Miles of olive trees with green olives, November is the time to be harvested. Turkey is one of the five olive production countries, other are Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. 
I love fresh figs. They are big and delicious, but can't stay fresh
for long, so they dry them. You can buy them any time and any
where around the Mediterranean countries. 

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