Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Austria and Hungary Vacation and beyond

During my vacation trip to Europe recently (7/12-7/22/2012), besides the sightseeing tour, I saw many beautiful gardens and window box flowers that just take my breath away. I would like to share some "Ikebana like" pictures I saw in the hotels where I stayed. It surprised me that the flower arrangements were not all western style.
The countryside of Austria and Budapest's historic buildings along the Danube River are so picturesque and beautiful, there is no need to describe them. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hydrangea Arrangements- Mass and Line

Hydrangeas are in season now. They can't tolerate hot or dry conditions too well. If the flowers wilt, just immerse them in water for a couple hours, and it will be lively again.
Materials: Hydrangea, Liatris and Stocks' aster
Dish kenzan is used behind drift wood.

 No water in these Liatris are OK. Usually it dries beautifully.

I bought this container  from Phila. flower show
 last March. It's made from a Hawaiian palm tree.
  Liatris, Philodendron selloum and  Hydrangea
Composition of  Mass and  Line

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrating Retirement Arrangement

I chose this painting (original by P.W.Ahlborn) and used it for my flower arrangement. To me it implicates stepping into another stage of life for my husband's retirement. This was today's assignment "Specific scenes or Occasions".
Hydrangea with Trumpet vine branch
A simple and happy retirement to you, my dear. (7/3/2012)

Slanting Style Moribana

Seeded Viburnum branches with  Day lily
Back to basic style for today's lesson (7/3/2012)