Friday, May 27, 2016

Composition of Straight Line

"One stone, two birds". My arrangement suited two purposes.
1) Composition of Straight Line:  It was another one of Hata Sensei's class assignments (5/16/2016 ) which I missed and tried to make up.
2) Using Bamboo: This was for MeeiHuey Sensei's class (5/24/2016). Once again using bamboo, I split the bamboo in half, painted one side white, the other side purple. I made it a straight line structure.
All the materials were from my garden.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Arrangement in a basket with peony.

The flowers of the Tree Peonies are gone, but the regular one just started to bloom.  I have two kinds of flowers, single and double petals. They are equally beautiful but short lived!
Fisherman's basket with peony, allium, carnation and green branch

Tall basket with peony and honey suckle
This one is for my garden club's little show "A garden Party" 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Composition of Surfaces by Using Leaves

I know I am going to miss Hata sensei's class on 5/16/2016 due to a doctor's appointment. So I made one of the three assignments before class instead. This one was supposed to be done in class.
I mainly use leaves with two or more kinds that should be showing their surface.  I used two Hosta leaves, front and back side, and ivy (1st picture with carnation).
The 2nd arrangement, one Peace lily and a Tiger tail leaves are both folded in with Hosta and Allium.
The other two assignments are: Composition of Straight Line and Arrangement in a basket with peonies. Hopefully I will find the time to do them.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

With Flowers Only

In book 4 (the last textbook), "Pursuit of Material" is a main theme. So we tried again to arrange with "flowers only". I would like to try something new with Peony from my garden and my daughter's mother's day carnation bouquet, as their colors are in the same tonal range. The ceramic container made with lineal dripping-down. It drew my attention to arrange with chopsticks and metallic structure. (5/10/2016 class)

Friday, May 6, 2016

Demonstration and Exhibition 1

Grace Taiwanese Presbyterian Church (women's fellowship) held a flower arrangement exhibition from 4/23 to 4/24/2016. The theme of the exhibition was "Spring is in the Air". The program included five certified teachers' demos and workshop. This was done by Meei Huey Lin Sensei and her class of students. All together we presented more than 20 arrangements. We all were very grateful to have this opportunity to show our Ikebana creations to the public. Many thanks to Doris who organized the event and  made all the works a great success!
Here were my two demonstrations and one arrangement:
1) Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring [冬去春來]
2) Spring Breeze [春意盎然]
3) Spring Reflections [春光外洩]
Goodbye winter, Hello Spring!
Dried and fresh branch, Rhododendron and Tulip

Spring Breeze
Three bamboo sticks, Azalea, pine, moss and rock

Spring Reflections.
Metal mesh, sweet pea, Aster, Hydrangea and Philodendron  

Demonstration and Exhibition 2

 "Spring is in the air" exhibition, most of the materials that we used were seasonal flowers. Here were our class members' arrangements.
On cloud 9 [身在雲端]. Demo by Sylvia Wei

Spring Reflections(春光外洩)by me

A  Basket of Summer Dream. Demo by Granzynka Shaarani

Go Modern [ 朝向時代]. by MeeiHuey sensei 
Graceful [婀哪多姿]. by June Wu

A writer's Inspiration. Demo by Grazynka Shaarani

The dawn of spring [春曉]. by Chih Huang
Looking out the windows [窗外]. by June Wu
Old and Young [老與少].
by Sensei
Peeking through the window
 [別有洞天]. by Sylvia Wei 

Invitation to the dance [ 邀舞]. by Chih Huang

Encounter [邂逅]. by Sylvia Wei
Hope Rising from the rubble. by Cheryl
Background is NYC painting
Reflection. by Cheryl 

Wave. by Mary
Decay. by Mary

Ah! Spring [春到人間].
 by Betty
Romancing [花前月下].
by Doris
Flowering in the basket
 [柳暗花明]. by Doris
Ever Green [松柏長青].
by Betty