Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Orchids in January 2011

Below are three kinds of orchids that I was supposed to bring to this month's BCOS meeting's show table. I was absent because I had a flu. I was told they had a very interesting topic.

SLC. Redeac " Carteria Flame" (picture taken 1/20/2011)
Miniature orchid, 7 inches in height, the flowers are only 3 inches in width. Easy to grow, it has 3 flowers this year.

Lctna.Mighty Titan "parkside" AM/AOS (picture taken 1/1 and 1/26/2011)
I bought this one from local Parkside orchid nursery a few years ago, since then it has bloomed and improved every year. Two stems, 7 flowers.

Paph. "Sukhakulii" ( Take Off x Short Stop)
This one is also from Parkside nursery. I won it in a raffle a long time ago. It skipped blooming last year. (picture taken 1/26/2011)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Free Style Ka-bu-wa-ke

The key point of this lesson is to pay attention to the space between the two Kabu (group), you have to make an arrangement using two or more Kenzans in a container Moribana style.
The division of the two Kabu was arranged by carnations, some green and tall branches. The shape of the container displays the two Kabu and the water is clearly be seen.( 1/21/2011)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Color of the Container

The last picture was my teacher's demo piece.
I was told this marble like vase (with jewel toned color, made from "Rose Stone") can only be found in the eastern mountains of Taiwan. The essence of ikebana always relates the flowers to the containers. Focusing on the container to be used this time, I picked fuschia pink carnations, one philodendron and painted black twigs to match the vase and arranged them artistically together. (1/21/2011)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

An Orchid in Ikebana

Finally, I put an orchid flower in my ikebana design because my husband broke one of my orchid flowers accidentally--(see below, I posted about this orchid last month, now in full bloom, 12 flowers in total ). At first I was mad but than I was so happy that I could use this flower to do an arrangement. Since we have no ikebana classes due to winter snow. I thought this was a perfect time to practice at home.
PS: Dried Hydrangea, Statice and baby breath plus fresh cattleya and ferns were used here.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Best Wishes for a Health and Happy 2011

I posted this Cat. for the new year 2011 because of its unique color and its unusual form (the petals and lip are almost the same). This is a small orchid, its flowers are only 6cm.