Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ikebana arrangement at Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

We have the opportunity to do flower arrangements at Shofuso Japanese House and Garden. As a team, we were given assignments by our teacher Meei-Hiey Sensei. Here are all the flower arrangements that we did for display. See below:
Left side of Main Room , By me (Lynn) and Mary

By Lynn and Mary
By Lynn and Mary
Kitchen area.  By Mary and Lynn
Right side of Main Room, By  Chih and June
Center of  Main Room, By Sylvia and Doris

Side Room, By Doris

In the tea bridge shelve. Beautiful Arrangement, I love it. By Anna

By Anna

By Chih and June
By Chic and June
Side Room, By Sylvia

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Using Leftover Material - Protea and Sunflower

On the way back home from East Stroudsburg University Summer camp, along the road side there were many flowering Mountain Laurel. We stopped to pick some, unfortunately the flowers didn't last long, but the branches were pretty good to use for my random arrangement. The Sunflower head and Protea look good together with this ceramic container. I would like to name it "Bold and beautiful". (7/7/2015)    

Friday, July 17, 2015

July Orchid Bloom

This Summer, I really don't have much excitement about my orchids.The least blooms these past few years. Last month, our society had an award night pot luck dinner, I didn't even have any blooming orchids to present on the show table. But this month I am glad that I have three to show here:
Bllra. Pacific Treasures 'Everything Nice'
This is a party favor I got at the pot luck dinner last month.

E. Mariae This was last year's dinner party favor
It's blooming again, 2 stems and 7 flowers

Odcdm. Sunlight 'Hilo Honey'

Sunday, July 12, 2015


The TAC Summer Camp ran from 7/2 to 7/5, although we had many programs of choice for everyone, the Ikebana: the art of flower arrangement exhibition was the one that attracted many viewers. Because the exhibition was in a long hallway, we were asked to make a large arrangement which to be viewed all around. Each arrangement had its own name, for example, mine is "Natural Melody". So it will be up to the viewers' imagination!
By Meei Huey sensei, " Hero and Beauty"

By me, "Natural Melody"  

Other side of view 

By Crazynka Shaarani
 June Wu's demo piece " Strength" 
By June, " Memory"
By Doris Liu
"A wonder in the desert"
By Betty Tasi
" It's beautiful out there"
By Carole Hsu
" Full of Tenderness"
By June Wu
"Peace of Mind"
By Anna Liao
" Dancing in the early Summer"
By Mary Swierczynski
" Reaching up Tall"
 Chih Huang," Burning Flower"
By Vivian Fu, " Harmony"
We have 20 people signed up for workshop. Here are just few of  them. 
Exhibition Hall 
Guest sign up corner arrangement

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


The Taiwanese American Conference East Coast (TAC/EC) has been held for 46 years (since 1970). This year, the organization, together with Taiwanese American Next Generation (TANG), played a crucial role in bringing together and strengthening the Taiwanese American community, keeping the community connected to the culture, history, and current events of Taiwan. We were so pleased to see ourselves as a convener for 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation members, providing a rare opportunity for family and old friends to reunite. We were told there were nearly 650 people participating in this yearly Summer Camp.
Theme for this year is " Home is Where the Heart is"
Designed by me," Home is where the Heart is" on left side of stage.
Designed by Lititia Chen," Heart and Rice field" on right side of stage.
Young generation perfomed at Taiwan Night

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Poster for 2015 TAC/EC Ikebana Exhibition (1 of 3)

We have been preparing for the upcoming Ikebana Exhibition at the Taiwanese American Conference East Coast at East Stroudsburg University, PA.
Here is the program poster designed by me. (7/2/2015)