Sunday, July 12, 2015


The TAC Summer Camp ran from 7/2 to 7/5, although we had many programs of choice for everyone, the Ikebana: the art of flower arrangement exhibition was the one that attracted many viewers. Because the exhibition was in a long hallway, we were asked to make a large arrangement which to be viewed all around. Each arrangement had its own name, for example, mine is "Natural Melody". So it will be up to the viewers' imagination!
By Meei Huey sensei, " Hero and Beauty"

By me, "Natural Melody"  

Other side of view 

By Crazynka Shaarani
 June Wu's demo piece " Strength" 
By June, " Memory"
By Doris Liu
"A wonder in the desert"
By Betty Tasi
" It's beautiful out there"
By Carole Hsu
" Full of Tenderness"
By June Wu
"Peace of Mind"
By Anna Liao
" Dancing in the early Summer"
By Mary Swierczynski
" Reaching up Tall"
 Chih Huang," Burning Flower"
By Vivian Fu, " Harmony"
We have 20 people signed up for workshop. Here are just few of  them. 
Exhibition Hall 
Guest sign up corner arrangement

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