Wednesday, June 29, 2011

orchids in June - Phalaenopsis and two others

I wish this Cattleya could add into my daughter's bridle bouquet.
Below-Brassia, "Orange Delight". I got it from last year's potting party, It bloomed for the first time.

All other kinds of orchids have faded away, only Phal. remain blooming this time of year. They don't stay blooming as long as usual in the summer time.

This yellow one is fragrant.

These flowers are miniature.

These bloom every year!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hosta And Lily Arrangement

These Hosta, Lily and Tulip were left over materials, free to take home from last Tuesday class.
I used the materials to work on three different style arrangement at home without my teacher's assignment. Any comment?(6/10/2011)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Free Style - Big Arrangement

Final composition in June 7th class.
I am lucky that I can use my last peony( end of the season) for this project. After my teacher's suggestion, I added some zebra grass to give some height and soften the whole arrangement. All my classmates said it's beautiful. I was so happy and said congratulations to myself because I've also finished four text books already.

These two pictures are the first(5/5/11) and second(5/17/11) stages of arrangement in May's two classes.
This particular wood I found in my wooded area was three feet tall, it broke into two pieces. I thought it's perfect for my teacher's assignment. I stocked vines into the decayed holes, then added and changed the pine, bulrush and rhododendron over three classes.( 6/8/2011)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Free Style - Go Green Design

A new trend of the Sogetsu school is to use mostly green color in an arrangement. Most of the materials I used here were of different textures and shapes of green color, such as moss, bulrush, Butterfly Maple, Yew and a young Hydrangea flower. They were all picked from my garden and field. I even used a piece of drift wood as a container. (Below is close up view) 6/7/2011