Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Free Style - Big Arrangement

Final composition in June 7th class.
I am lucky that I can use my last peony( end of the season) for this project. After my teacher's suggestion, I added some zebra grass to give some height and soften the whole arrangement. All my classmates said it's beautiful. I was so happy and said congratulations to myself because I've also finished four text books already.

These two pictures are the first(5/5/11) and second(5/17/11) stages of arrangement in May's two classes.
This particular wood I found in my wooded area was three feet tall, it broke into two pieces. I thought it's perfect for my teacher's assignment. I stocked vines into the decayed holes, then added and changed the pine, bulrush and rhododendron over three classes.( 6/8/2011)