Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Slanting Style Moribana Variation #4

In this style, we have to emphasize the beauty by omission. So I used pear tree branches for both Shin and Hikae, no Soe in this arrangement. I added two purple Dahlias and chose the light blue container to balance the whole composition.(10/21/09)

I redid this assignment today because I didn't like what I did in yesterday's class. I changed the materials entirely.Much better and prettier.

Spreading Arrangement

Spreading arrangement is a style laid out directly on a table without using kenzan or containers. Use long lasting materials which can stay in place without water. I chose black pine, wax plant, daisies and red berry. Daisies can only last a couple of days but I can change them from time to time. This arrangement should be viewed from all angles. My teacher said that I could do it better by extending the vine and grouping the flowers. All right, I will try to improve it next time! (10/20/09)

From a different angle.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back from vacation

Home site windowsill #4

Home site windowsill #2
It's been very cold these past two weeks. So I gradually brought all my orchids and house plants back inside the house. My home looks like jungle again. This means no more vacation for both orchids and me because I have to work regularly watering, fertilizing, checking and re-potting occasionally. I divided my orchids into five groups at different windowsills, I only work with one group each day, this way I won't feel so tired.
This October's B.C.O.S.'s meeting features an orchid auction (10/15/09), members donate their duplicate orchids, and the society purchases some wholesale blooming orchids for the auction too. This is our annual fundraiser, open for both members and the public.

One of the auction tables

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Arranging with wood

My house is surrounded by woods, like a small forest. I was wandering in the woods yesterday, trying to find the best segment of wood and vine possible for today's class assignment. I used three pieces of wood that I found. I bent the vine and tied it first and arranged them all to support each other. The two pieces wood ended up being the same length, so my teacher suggested putting the Hydrangea in front to cover one piece of wood, then I put Cat tails in the back to give some height. The final composition looks well stabilized and beautiful. It's in the fall theme too! (10/6/09).

This arrangement practiced what we already learned. "Basic upright style Nageire" I was purposely choosing a white vase for the white Daises. What do you think? (10/6/09)