Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cupid's Arrow-- Miniature Angular Design

We have MWGC meeting today. I entered the Little Show for a miniature angular design "Cupid's Arrow". It required not to exceed 5" in any direction. I got first place!
PS: I use lipstick cover as the container.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cymbidiums in January and February

I should say January and February are the Cymbidium months. When I brought them to the BCOS meeting's show table (2/17), the members said wow! They are beautiful!
Besides Cymbidiums, I also have two other kinds of Cattleya and Papha. See below.

Left: Paph. sukhakulii (Take Off x Short Stop). This has been blooming for 6 weeks now.
Right: Large Cat. Fragrant and can last about 4 weeks.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Simplified Arrangement

Today we have to make an arrangement by simplifying the composition to its limit.
I found this pine branch from still snow covered ground. It has a naturally curved line, perfect for this subject, but it needed a lot of trimming so that it still can express its originality without weakening its strength and beauty.

In the class, my teacher said this is a beautiful arrangement, but it didn't qualify for today's subject because it wasn't simple enough. So she suggested to replace the driftwood with a piece of wood and a spider Mum (the first picture). Since my original arrangement did not qualify, I rearranged it at home and added some leaves to make it even prettier without too much consideration (the second picture). 2/16/2011

Keeping in Mind the View from Above

Materials: Black pine, Spider mum and Alstroemeria
When I placed this arrangement on the coffee table, people could view it standing or seated. The design I created is rather a traditional style. (2/16/2011)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dried, Bleached, or Colored Materials

We had a winter snow storm and a monster ice storm these days. It affected us in so many ways, no school, no class, and dangerous roads, but it's beautiful winter scenery to enjoy.
That's why I chose this subject for today's lesson, and I had all the materials I needed which I collected before, such as a Lotus seed pod, walking stick. To complete it I added a fresh flower and a leaf into a Nageire (tall vase) style. ( 2/4/2011)

Vegetables and Fruits in an Arrangement

Materials: Broccoli, Tomatoes, Kalanchoe and Pine
Last November, I had the same subject for my Spreading and Morimono arrangement, that was in book #2. Today's lesson is in book #4 which means you have to push yourself to the next level, my teacher said. So I got the idea from my teacher's inspiration "Color of the Container" demo last month, combined this with my own idea, and created this vegetables and fruits composition. (2/4/2011)