Friday, July 30, 2010

Phalaenopsis ( Moth Orchids)

Phalaenopsis are America's favorite house plants.They are easy to grow, and the flowers last for months. Bright, indirect light is required and should keep in mind they don't like to be soggy.
Above are all my blooming phalaenopsis pictures that I took from May to July.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Combined Styles Variation #8 ( Nageire and Nageire)

Combination of slanting style and upright style

Left: Basic slanting style was composed of Shin(75 degree) and Hikae by omitting Soe.
Right: Basic upright style of Shin 45 degree, Soe 15 degree and Hikae 75 degree.
I used Azaleas, Zinnias and Hydrangeas in the same color tone for both containers. Because of their similar materials and basic variation arrangement, it's better to use two vases of different color or heights. To combine their individual beauty together, I need to pay attention to how I compose them as a whole.( 7/21/10)

Disassembling and Rearranging the Materials

My Hydrangea bush has been eaten by deers. I was mad, but it suddenly occurred to me that I can use this eaten branches to create my teacher's assignment today, "Disassembling and Rearranging the materials". So I cut them off, stripped all the leaves and just left the branch's lines and Hydrangea's flower head that I want to use. I choose a perfect container ( from my container collection) for this design. I only used one kind of material( Hydrangea), I cut it (disassembled it), rearranged it, and put flowers into the vase. I also added another branch to complete this arrangement.( 7/20/10)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oncidium orchids ( Dancing Lady Orchids)

Onc. "Wild Cat"

Onc. Sherry Baby" Chocolate" fragrance

Onc. Mishima
Only the "Wild Cat" is still blooming now. The three others were blooming at different times, but sherry baby bloom twice a year, which delights me.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Taiwanese American East Coast Summer Conferance

Grand center piece in the lobby
My teacher wanted us to observe how this big project was made from start to finish (it is about 6 feet x 6 feet). It involved drafting the design first, arranging the materials, and securing and stabilizing the branches with the help of a crew.

Stage piece in the Auditorium.
The S shaped road of sunflowers symbolizes Taiwan's historic struggle for independence.

There were more than 600 people coming from all over the east coast of the US to celebrate July 4th and attend the East Coast Taiwanese American Conference (TAC/EC). My teacher Mrs. Lin designed two arrangements for this big event. One for the lobby, one for the stage (the two pictures above). She also hosted a popular ikebana workshop where I helped as one of her assistants.
TAC/EC has had 41 years of history so far. The conference includes interesting workshops and discussion. Discussion topics included Taiwan's relationship with both the United States and China and an overall assessment about Taiwan's future. This year's conference was held at the University of Delaware from 7/2 to 7/5. The conference's theme this year was "New Thinking, New Action."

By me, Betty, and Chih

By some of the workshop students and mine

By Mrs. Lin and Mrs. Chen

Side view of Mrs. Lin's grand arrangement and demonstration piece