Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Using Both Fresh and Unconventional Materials

These metal mesh wires are remnant pieces from my house during construction, which I kept, thinking I might use it for ikebana design some day. Now I have the chance to use it as the subject of Unconventional materials.
Here are two designs:
1) One piece mesh wire structured with smaller Statice flowers. The container put in the back I tilted to hold the flowers.
2) Two pieces of mesh wire structured as one sculpture arranged on top of a tall black triangular vase.
Material: Hydrangea, calla lily and mum

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Basic Style Variation and Free Style

Here I'm practicing more with basic style variations in Hata Sensei's class requirement (2/20/20170).

Saturday, February 18, 2017

February Orchid Bloom

This winter we've been lucky. It has been a very warm winter compared to the last one. In our area we only got two days of snow so far and accumulated 3 or 4 inches only, not like in the New England region, they had tons of snow causing a state of emergency. A couple days before our orchid society meeting (2/16/2017), we got a few inches of snow and felt the seasonal cold. I hesitated to bring my orchids to the show table and to attend the meeting. The speaker was absent due to the weather, so we members got more social time and admired each other's orchids.
My blog here is like my journal. Each one dates my activities accordingly. Besides my February orchid blooms I still have some blooming orchids from last month. Therefore, in my home there is always something in bloom and one Ikebana arrangement displayed in place for us to enjoy.
Cat. Purple Star bright
Onc. Winter wonderland "white Fairy"
Onc. Sherry Baby "Sweet Fragrant"
The back yard of our new home

That house is our neighbor

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Using Both Fresh and Paper arrangement

1) The paper folded like a fan is part of the designed arrangement, combined with fresh plant materials in the ceramic vase. It is a traditional style using unconventional materials.
Fresh materials: Magnolia branch, Carnation, Hinoki and brownish tropical plant from Hawaii.
2) Horizontal style arrangement : The same glass container and Douglas fur that I used for a previous arrangement ( please check 12/25/2016 free style), but I added bittersweet and fresh flowers of rose and carnation. It becomes another different arrangement altogether.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Using Driftwood Arrangement and Free Style Arrangement

The driftwood I found in the park a few months ago. I used it as a main part of the arrangement. 
The Winter berry branches were left from a previous arrangement. I placed two stones in one side of the container to lift up the driftwood added moss to make the look more natural.
Red berry and yellow rose are color contrast / ceramic container
Material: Magnolia branch, Lily, snapdragon and Philodendron