Saturday, February 18, 2017

February Orchid Bloom

This winter we've been lucky. It has been a very warm winter compared to the last one. In our area we only got two days of snow so far and accumulated 3 or 4 inches only, not like in the New England region, they had tons of snow causing a state of emergency. A couple days before our orchid society meeting (2/16/2017), we got a few inches of snow and felt the seasonal cold. I hesitated to bring my orchids to the show table and to attend the meeting. The speaker was absent due to the weather, so we members got more social time and admired each other's orchids.
My blog here is like my journal. Each one dates my activities accordingly. Besides my February orchid blooms I still have some blooming orchids from last month. Therefore, in my home there is always something in bloom and one Ikebana arrangement displayed in place for us to enjoy.
Cat. Purple Star bright
Onc. Winter wonderland "white Fairy"
Onc. Sherry Baby "Sweet Fragrant"
The back yard of our new home

That house is our neighbor

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