Friday, December 30, 2016

December Orchid Bloom

December is the month my Cattleya orchids bloom the most. But I noticed that some of them have fewer flowers compared to previous years. The reasons are because of the lack of my attentive care and environment change (I was busy moving and ...).  But some of the blooms do last for a long time and most of them are fragrant.
Below are my cattleya orchids. The pictures of the peach orchid shows a series of blooms(check the date).
Blc. Hwa Yuan Beauty" Pearl"
Slc. Final Touch "Mendenhall" AM/AOS
The 3rd bud appeared, it really surprised me.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Holiday Arrangements

" Full moon on Christmas night"
Siberian dogwood, poinsettia, baby's breath, Douglas fir and
Xmas ornaments. /black rectangular ceramic container 

Free Style

 Douglas fir, baby's breath, Alstromeria in the glass container. The soft wire added to get more pop.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Holiday Arrangement for Japanese New Year

The traditional Ikebana materials for cerebration of Japanese New Year are Pine, Bamboo, Berry, Mum, Rose, Narcissus...and Mizuhiki (Japanese paper strings with gold and silver for happy occasion). My materials used: Bamboo, Pine, Winter berry, Carnation and Baby's breath. This arrangement is larger than an usually one. The tallest bamboo is 3 feet, the shortest one is only 3 inch. The ceramic black container is 16"x 9"x 2.5"

Holiday Arrangement for Christmas

December's class ( Hata sensei's class 12/12/2016) features the Western Christmas arrangement with a touch of Japanese influence and the Japanese New Year arrangement.
Here are the three main colors for traditional Christmas arrangement of Ikebana free style.
Red Winter berry, Poinsettia, Green holly and White porcelain container. Plus Pine cone and Xmas ornamental object.