Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hata Sensei's Class in February

We have a full-house of students in the class this month, thanks to the better weather.
The three lessons were:
1) Free Style Ka-bu-wa- ke (Moribana) book 3-3
2) Green Plant Materials book 5-4
3) Philadelphia Flower Show practice
 Lesson 1 and 2 were in the morning section, lesson 3 in the afternoon. As usual, we always learned something new from Sensei's demo, even though we have done all these lessons before.

Lesson #1 my arrangement Ka-bu-wa-ke

Lesson #2 Sensei's Green materials arrangement

Lesson #2 my arrangement in class

Follow Sensei's suggestion to tear the leave

Lesson #1 classmate's arrangement
Classmate's arrangement #1
classmate's #2 arrangement  

Preparing for the Philadelphia Flower Show

Time goes by so fast, this year's Philadelphia Flower Show(PFS) is approaching. Our Main Line Study Group got the assignment for six spots of exhibition. Fortunately, I am one of them and I am assigned to a 4' x 4' x 1' platform, it will be a large and tall Ikebana arrangement, and should be viewed by three sides. I have been planning my design and working hard to gather all possible, necessary materials and so on.....

Here is my plan: Base of the arrangement, a big piece of tree root and a large Japanese vase.