Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Orchids in January 2011

Below are three kinds of orchids that I was supposed to bring to this month's BCOS meeting's show table. I was absent because I had a flu. I was told they had a very interesting topic.

SLC. Redeac " Carteria Flame" (picture taken 1/20/2011)
Miniature orchid, 7 inches in height, the flowers are only 3 inches in width. Easy to grow, it has 3 flowers this year.

Lctna.Mighty Titan "parkside" AM/AOS (picture taken 1/1 and 1/26/2011)
I bought this one from local Parkside orchid nursery a few years ago, since then it has bloomed and improved every year. Two stems, 7 flowers.

Paph. "Sukhakulii" ( Take Off x Short Stop)
This one is also from Parkside nursery. I won it in a raffle a long time ago. It skipped blooming last year. (picture taken 1/26/2011)

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