Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Road Side Scenery - 6

We were so blessed with very nice weather throughout the whole trip. It was sunny and hot, but not humid.
Everywhere we went we saw many aggressive constructions and improvements. I think Turkey is going to have a bright future and will be a great country.
These are the few pictures, with all different dates during the trip, that I would like to share with you to conclude my presentation.
The bridge connects Europe and Asia (Galata Bridge)

The beautiful mosque on the bank of the Bosphorus
Distant view of Blue Mosque ( Istanbul)

Aegean Sea viewed from Porto Bella hotel Room (Antalya city)
Evil's eye decorated tree (for protection or get rid of bad spirit)
Nature Ikebana on park entrance

village pottery shop

Road side landscape in Ankara

Along the high way we saw many mountains like this with sparing
 of tall trees. Hot and dry in Summer and snow cover in Winter. 

park decoration in front of the museum

Turtle found on the side of ancient ruin. I think it might be
thousand years old! just kidding.

Making Turkish Pita at the front of restaurant 

View from hotel balcony. It looks like water color painting.

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