Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hata Sensei's Class for June

This is our last class before Summer break. We had two morning lessons this month followed by a pot-luck lunch.
Lesson 1) Free Style - Using Anthurium, material ordered from Hawaii.
Lesson 2) Book 3-4 -  two or more containers.
After class, all of us including Hata Sensei, enjoyed a delicious lunch together to end our class year.
Hope everyone has a Wonderful Summer! (6/15/2015)
Anthurium, Philodendrom, small white flower and vine
Trifoliate orange, smoke tree, Geranium and
Hosta in two tall glass containers 
Trifoliate orange and Asian lily in two ceramic containers,
I arranged at home (6/5/2015) 
Two containers arrangement. It's very beautiful by one of
my classmate's arrangement. (6/15/2015) 

Hata Sensei's class is a big one. Most times there are more than 20 people, and almost half of her students have different levels of teacher's certificate. Sometimes I want to take pictures of their beautiful finished composition but it is impossible because there is no way that I can set up the individual background and than take the pictures.

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