Saturday, October 12, 2013

Orchids Bloom in October

It is about time to bring all my orchids inside the house. I have been re-potting, dividing for overgrown plants for these past couple weeks. Especially since we are going away for vacation for the next three weeks. I will miss this month's BCOS meeting (10/17/2013). For October, I only have two new blooming orchids to post.
L. Purpurata Var. Carnea x BL. Richard Mueller

In Full bloom, Lasts about 6 weeks
C. Mysteve Natsumi. Mother plant is still bloom. See below
When I come back from my trip, I think these spikes will all
be blooming. Can't wait to see them.
(Milt. Xenia (Milt. Bluntii '4n' x Milt. Clowesii '4n') 10/16/2013

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