Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hata Sensei's Class

For this class, we had 2 lessons which I learned a lot.
Lesson 1: Swapping Containers and Materials.
Lesson 2: Freestyle with difficult container. (1/19/2015)
This is Lesson 2. It was a difficult container for me, because the mouth was slanted on one side. I was able to come up with only one way to arrange this.  The fan was optional, but Sensei thought it would be more festive with it.

This is Lesson 2. It became Sensei's arrangement because the student did not
do it right. (sorry, I didn't have the photo to compare).  
This was my classmate's arrangement for Lesson 1 with my container and materials. My materials included a white mum, which she did not use.

This is Lesson 1. Sensei did it for one of the student, because it was too complicate.  

This was Lesson 1 for me with someone else's container and materials. Sensei added in 2 more branches to counterbalance the weight of the color from the carnations.
These were Hata Sensei's domo for Lesson 2 (students' container and materials)

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