Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Orchid Bloom

In early May, around mother's day, most of my orchids were moved to outside under the pine tree shady area where I call it " the vacation site". They love it there and grow much healthier there, until early October or before frost when I move them back inside the house.
Below are the blooming orchids since April to Now.
Epi. Cilive.  Miniature, the flowers only 2" in size (5/29/2015)

C. Phaius Jun Shirashi (5/29/2015)

These orchids below have been flowering for more then 5 weeks. Now all the flowers are faded.
Onc. Mtdm. Issaku Nagata (5/7/2015)


C. Iana. Appleblossom. One of the division plant. 

I had been divided this Appleblossom orchid into three 
plants years ago. Each plant has more flowers then ever.

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