Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hata Sensei's Class for May

Each month in Hata Sensei's class we always have three lessons, two in the morning one in the afternoon (we bring our own lunch). Hata sensei always demos our assigned subject first and then we do our own arrangement afterward. (5/18/2015)
Lesson 1: Only One kind of Material (book 4 p.68)
Lesson 2: A Variety of Materials (book 4 p.70)
Lesson 3: Making Cubes or Circles or Both in an arrangement - Free style (in the afternoon)
Azalea flower and its branch is my only one material in basket
Five variety materials: Lilac, Allium, tree Peony,
Weigelia and driftwood in ceramic container.
Also is Color in the Same Tonal Range 

I rearranged at home because the flowers (yellow
peony) were no longer good, so I changed the
pink flowers (Calico Bush). The Circles were
Siberian dogwood branches.

By Classmate
By Classmate

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