Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October Orchid Bloom

The temperature dropped near the freezing point at night the last few days. Fortunately, all the outdoor orchids and some house plants had been checked, cleaned and brought into the house already. They ended their Summer vacation, happily home again (indoor). It kept me busy for a few days. But I also discovered a few of my orchids have been budding and showing spikes, ready to bloom soon.(10/12-10/20/2015)
Dendrobiun, Miniature 

C. Mysteve Natsumi. Faithfully bloom every year this time .

C. Benice Foster Richare Mueller. Easy to grow and flowering,
nice perfume at night. "Lady in the night" is its name
Same plant as above, the pinkish color of the
 petals will turn yellow later on.
Oncidium. "xenia" strong fragrant in the morning 

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