Saturday, September 21, 2013

BCOS Meeting and Pottng Party

BCOS meeting resumed tonight (9/19). We had a potting party; I brought three very young orchid plants home (buy two get one free). They need patience and tender loving care. Hopefully, in three years they will mature and start to bloom.
Below are my orchids for a show table in September:
Onc. Mendenhall " Hildos"
After skipped a year. I am so thrilled to see it's blooming again. Big and beautiful!

C. Compact plant , small flowers. Fragrant in the morning

Pot. Mysteve  Natsumi
The bugs had been eating one of the flower, before I brought
it inside the house.

Oyia. Benice Foster. Richard Mueller x B. Cordata
"Lady of the night". Fragrant at night
I gave away two of divisions to my friends.