Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Autumn Harvest Exhibition - Ikebana

Grace Taiwanese Presbyterian Church Annual Fall Harvest Exhibition was held from 8/31 to 9/1/2013. Again, some of our classmates presented four or five pieces of Ikebana arrangements.  That's enough to form a mini exhibition!  Besides these Ikebana, there were church members' home grown vegetables, home made sweets and other products for sale to raise money (fund raising for church). I am so grateful to my friends, Chih and Doris, who offered me this opportunity to participate and show my flower arrangements.
I created a couple of new arrangements and adopted some of my old ideas to make fresh looks. Below are my five Ikebana for the exhibition.
Material: Rose, Cockscomb, pine and two pieces of driftwood lock toghter.
Container: Japanese ceramic vase
Previous structure, Tree mushroom and Pine were still
 good, new fresh Sunflower and wild green weed
 were added.

Material: Maple, Cockscomb and Baby's breath
 Moon shaped Bamboo container

Material: Big and small Allium (sprayed with silver paint)
 plus Prairie gentian
Container: U shaped ceramic vase
Horizontal design. Mass and Line
Material: Toad lily seed pod, Dahlia, Mum and Willow
Home grown flowers in each glass container

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